7/23/2010 11:26:00 PM

B.C.M. wishes Marlon Wayans a Happy Birthday! Check out photo shoot!

Posted by SouthernGurl

B.C.M. would like to wish Marlon Wayans a very Happy Birthday! The baby boy of the Wayans clan turned 38 years old today! Months ago I posted one of Marlon's throwback photo shoots. Since that throw back photo shoot was shot, Marlon's "G to Gent" status has risen tenfold--physically (I'm willing to bet he gets more ass than a toilet seat!), mentally (he's also a proud father of an adorable little boy and a too-cute-for-words daughter!) and judging by the box office blockbuster success of his many successful films, I'm pretty sure financially! My BFF, Meek, can attest to the fact that back in the day I was one of Marlon's biggest fans. I even stopped speaking to her for about four months straight after her VCR ate up and ruined the VHS tapes that my Wayans Brothers episodes were taped on! Yes, it was that serious. She talking bout, 'I don't know what happened!' I was crushing on him hard! I'm talking about during the time when he looked like he did in that throw back photo shoot! Back when he was co-starring alongside his brother Damon in Mo Money when everybody thought he was so goofy, skinny and unsexy! Yeah, I know! Plenty of people were looking at me sideways! But I bet they all have had a change of heart since then! LOL! I even went as far as auditioning for a chance to meet him on MTVs Fanatic show. True story. Another heffah-hussie beat me though. Damn, now I'm telling too much of my personal business. LOL! Anyhoo, to commemorate Marlon's bit 3-8 check out this grown and sexy photo shoot he did for Rolling Out magazine.

Again, Happy Birthday, Marlon! I hope you have a safe one! You've come a long way, baby! Check out more pics from Marlon's photo shoot when you click the red link below!


Anonymous said...

DAMN he sexy! I will admit I was one of those people who favored Shawn over Marlon. Me and all my friends did but these days we find ourselves asking each other Shawn who? lol!

Anonymous said...

Marlon's such a cutie!

Crall said...

I know Marlon! What you see is what you get. Meaning he's a cool as dude who always keeps it 100. Always. If you're hanging out with Marlon you're going to have yourself a good time! Point blank.

Anonymous said...

Love you MARLON!!!

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