9/28/2008 11:35:00 AM


Posted by SouthernGurl


Anonymous said...

Holla at yuh boi Terrell

Anonymous said...

tmion call chasity contact chasity go to her mother house in st louis ugrent

Anonymous said...

Could you please write something about Jesse L. Martin? I love his acting and he is truly a beautiful black male celebrity.

kaze said...

Hey SouthernGurl, I was wondering if you knew this guy. If so, can you post some information on him becasue I dont even know his name.


If you dont know, thats fine also.

SouthernGurl said...

Hey Kaze!

I tried emailing you, but the address you submitted doesn't exist. Do you have another one that I can contact you with? If so, fill out the white box above and hit "Send Email" at the bottom of it. Hope to hear something from you soon!


Huggable said...

Hey gurlie. Love ur blog! Keep up the good work!

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