7/24/2010 03:17:00 AM

Usher's ex-wife spazzes out on his ex-girlfriend, Chilli on Twitter.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Earlier this week Usher's Behind the Music episode aired on VH1. And I knew when I heard Chilli talking about her relationship with Usher, Tameka would find something to bitch about (just like she did with his E! True Hollywood Story). And boy did she prove me right once again. She's so damn predictable! True to form, the woman formerly known as Tameka Raymond took to her Twitter page and called herself going in on Chilli; when in reality all she did was make herself look like a fool once again. And since she's known for talking/tweeting BS and then deleting it and claiming someone hacked her account or that the devil made her do it, the folks from Bossip were able to grab a couple of screen shots.

RT @TamekaRaymond: I dare a b**** say anything slick.. Double dare even.

I guess she told us why she's really mad, huh? Can I say my piece right quick?

LMAO @ Tameka talking about Chilli wants what she has. What's that? Five children by three different men and two failed marriages?! Or maybe Tameka want(ed) that same type of relationship that Chilli still has with Usher's mother? Is she still upset because Jonetta has ALWAYS approved of Usher's relationship with Usher? Or that Chilli & Jonetta have always been close friends; and remained close friends long after Chilli and Usher broke up; even while Tameka and Usher dated and got married. Let the records show that Tameka's mad self only got wife'd up after she got knocked up....and the marriage still didn't last 2 whole years because of the shenanigans and drama she pulled. Brazilian lipo, anyone? Yeah, she talks a lot of crap for someone who almost died on an operating table to get the same kind of abs Chilli works her ass off to obtain naturally!

And I triple-dog-dare Tameka to say what she wrote about Chilli in her face. And I quadruple-dog-dare her to tell us how she really feel about Usher's mama! This certifiably crazy woman has a lot of gall! Here she is bitching, moaning, whining and complaining on her Twitter page about how she has no reason to be jealous and bitter but yet she calls Chilli a bitch and delusional? Have a damn seat, Big Tam! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and admire the fact that both Chilli and Jonetta exude the class, confidence and sophistication to decline to utter one word towards or about Tameka. I'm pretty sure they're both somewhere thinking, 'Tameka, who?' Too bad Tameka refused to handle this situation the same. Oh, wait, but that would mean she would have to have class in the first place, right?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Ms. Foster is a little bit butt-hurt over the fact that in a round about way Usher admitted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chilli. Yeah, Meek-Meek, you may have gotten the ring and the last name, but it don't amount to a hill of beans when there's always that one person   who will always have his heart (not you); and when those Papers have been signed, sealed and delivered.
USHER ON MARRYING CHILLI: "I basically was settled, I wanted to be with this woman and wanted to do whatever I could to make her happy. I actually talked about marriage and it didn’t work. I don't think she was ready for it. What I expected and wanted from her she wasn't able to give me at the time."

USHER ON MARRYING TAMEKA: "We started out working together. We built a bond that I felt was very healthy. I felt that she not only understood my world, but understood how to be in it.”
Am I the only one who can clearly see Tameka throwing a bitch-fit if Usher makes a guest appearance on the second season of What Chilli Wants. LOL! Seriously though, the one thing I enjoyed watching between Usher and Chilli on that BTM episode was the maturity they both showed. It was good to see them comment on their relationship and reminisce about it on an honest level without any bitterness or animosity towards each other. That respect and love for each other is still there.

Like I said earlier, this isn't the first time Tameka has spazzed out at the mere mention of Usher's relationship with Chilli. Earlier this year, she went on a Twitter Tirade after Usher's E! True Hollywood Story aired.

Scary, ain't it? Reading Tameka's disrespectful tweets lets us all know that even as a grown ass woman, she still has a lot of growing up to do. How could she possibly call herself a role model to young, black girls?! With all that attitude and e-thugging behavior of hers?! Girl, bye!

Yeah, I said it! I said all of it!


AullabiBaby said...

I need a oxygen mask!!!!!! I cant breathe!!!!! Look at that picture!!! It looks like Usher and Chilli are laughing at HER!!! LOL!!!! I cant even concentrate on reading the story because of that damn PIC. LMAO!! Why you got them laughing at her?!!!


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! She is so childish. I bet her kids are more mature than her! Move on Tameka and shut the hell up! The man don't want you no more! If he did he never wouldve signed those papers! Hahahahaha!

I'm Just Saying said...

I mean really Tameka. What has Chilli done or said 2 YOU to make you hate her so much? I have not heard her utter your name in years but yet you can't keep her name out of your mouth. Girlfriend U need help and a custom made prayer real quick. This shit can't be healthy for your insides. Don't you know you looking real crazy right about now?

Anonymous said...


Starcrossed said...

^^Well I don't!

ebonyeyes said...

the only thing positive that came our of that marriage was Ushers two sons. Tameka just needs to shut the hell up.


I'm over here rolling! Tameka looks and sounds like a fool!! The mere thought of Usher and Chilli possibly getting back together has her ass SHOOK!! For that reason alone I hope and pray that Ush and Chilli hook back up.

I still believe they're soulmates and will find their way back each other again. They're both older and mature now. I think they should take another shot at it.


La-Di-Dah said...

YOU ARE FREAKING KILLING ME WITH THAT PICTURE!! *SMH* Someone in here said they feel sorry for Tameka? Why??? She does all this shit to herself. What's so bad is that this isn't the first time she's done something like this. She is so stupid. I still don't see what Usher ever saw in her.

romatic said...

@Team Chiller: oh yeah The MeekMan is shook. She makes it clearly obvious how envious and jealous of Chilli she really is. She's threatened by her and rightfully so. Chilli's beautiful, has a ass kicking body, is a wonderful mother, has her own flourishing career and her own money and Usher is still smitten by her.

Southerngurl I also laughed when Tameka said that Chilli has what she wants. Hmph I think its the other way around. They would have to put Tameka in a straight jacket if she even saw Ush and CHill in the same room together. I bet her thirsty ass was damn near seizing as she watched Behind the Music!!!

Sophia Petrillo said...

Picture this: your EX-HUSBAND may have "loved all 250 of his other GIRLFRIENDS" but Chilli was the only one he proposed to. and guess what? He proposed to her because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. not because she was knocked up and he 'felt it was the right thing to do' i remember hims saying something like that about you. and wait--weren't you still legally married at the time the proposed. Yeah you know that shit wasn't ever going to work!!

Rumor has it you're still letting him run on in you from time to time. God you're dumb. Maybe thats why your feelings keep getting hurt when he shows any remote interest in someone else! lol!

ExeSSi said...

I don't blame Ms. Patton for not wanting to speak to Tameka. I wouldn't give you the time of day either. I like how his momma and Chili continue to make Tameka look like the fool she is by not responding to her lil temper tantrums. SIT YO BITTER ASS THE HELL DOWN & GROW THE FUCK UP! Is Tameka 40 years old or 10?! SO damn immature!!

That shit Sophia said was ON POINT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Tameka said...

All of yall are such messy loser haters. Yall wish yall had what Tameka had. The kids. The house. The name. The checks. Please stop being such haters. Only thing Chilli got going for herself is her baby hair!

Tameka keep doing you, girl. Forget these haters. They hate cause they can have what you had.

FamuDiva said...

^^I'mma need her to re-read her comment and come back with something better!

Anonymous said...

*yawn* Tameka please sit down. She don't get tired of being bitter and mad all the time? Ugh!!!

Dropping In said...

Sounds like he wanted to marry Chilli because he truly loved and wanted to be with her. But it sounds like he married Tameka out of convenience. She was just there at the time. Sucks for her. Fortunately for her she got two kids from him. If given a chance I bet she'd get knocked up by him again if she could. Sad but true.

SN: Sophia you are a huge mess! lmao

Mysteryuz said...

I have yet to hear/see Usher or Chilli talking about this chick other than when asked in an interview. I haven't seen any e-beefs coming from them. She has way too much time on her hands to be Tweet Thuggin' about someone who could care less about her. I'm sorry I would love to see Usher happy, but even he said, "I was out there looking crazy defending something that wasn't there." Thank GOD he came to his senses. When you are in the public eye all your faults as well as your strengths will be put on display. Chilli's aura shines all day while Tameka's is as dark and dusty as her attitude. EPIC FAIL hon.

FamuDiva said...

*gives a standing ovation to Mysteryuz for speaking the whole troof and nothing but the troof!*

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