4/13/2010 04:14:00 AM

Teaser: Romeo's Romeo & Juliet reality dating show.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Looks like Romeo is the latest celebrity to throw his hat into the reality dating show ring. The rapper is said to be shopping his new show Romeo & Juliet to major networks. Well, I commend him for having such high hopes of having his show aired on a major network but we all know this show will only see the light of day if it's on TV One, VH1 or B.E.T.

Peep the teaser below.



Anonymous said...

Damn Romeo has grown!

Anonymous said...

Is he not still in college. He couldnt meet a nice college sorority chick or something??

Starcrossed said...

Looks so boring. His daddy couldn't make a better teaser than that. I know his daddy is behind this some how.

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