3/10/2010 11:14:00 PM

Lamman on 'Forplai', his fave fragrances and Jacque Reid.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Hey ladies, ever wondered what type of fragrance Lamman prefers on a lady? Or what type of fragrance he finds sexy or a turn off? Well, the actor dished those details and a little bit more to Essence. Check out the Q&A below.
Essence: How do you like your lady friends to smell?
Lamman: I like a woman who smells and tastes delicious. I definitely don't like heavy, old lady scents.

Essence: What scents do you find to be sexy?
Lamman: Something soft, somewhat natural, that makes me want to sit closer....

Essence: What scents turn you off?
Lamman: Funkiness and blandness. I can't do bland with food, women or fragrance.

Essence: Any fragrances take you down memory lane?
Lamman: My grandmother's house always had a fresh and minty aroma. Maybe that's why I love cool, clean scents.
As for Lamman's top picks? For him he prefers Thierry Mugler Angel SunEssence Blue Lagoon Edition. For her, his choice is Estee Lauder Sensous Collector's Edition. And for him and her, his number one pick happens to be Diptyque L'Eau de Tarocco.

And for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that Lamman launched his new natural beauty skin and body care line for women and couples called Forplai. He unveiled the line at Koffee Day Spa in Dallas, Texas during NBA ALl-Star Weekend. In an interview with AOL's BV Buzz columnist Jawn Murray, Lamman said, "My ultimate goal for the line is for it to be a brand that women and couples use regularly and integrate into their daily routine of body care, health and wellness. The true vision behind Forplai is for it to be a tool that encourages people to have purity, passion, peace and power in their lives. Forplai is about self-love, intimacy and positive affirmation."

In that same interview, Lamman also opened up about his appearance on the first episode of Let's Talk About Pep alongside longtime friend and confidante Jacque Reid. Their conversation in regards to Lamman possibly becoming a sperm donor for Jacque had the blogosphere on fire! Lamman says his full statement to her was left on the cutting room floor.
"The conversation she and I had was edited. It wasn't ever really a 'negotiation' for it to be specifically mine. As a close friend, I told her I'd be 'open to the conversation,' meaning that I wouldn't turn my back on her and would discuss that option and other options as it relates to her wanting a child. She is a beautiful, intelligent, successful sista who will be a great mother someday. Who wouldn't consider her?"



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