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Usher visits Santa Claus + pics from son's birthday party.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Last week while Usher was in New York City to promote his new fragrance, Usher VIP and his charity work that was launched during the Clinton Global Initiative, he managed to squeeze in a visit to Macy’s Herald Square to visit jolly St. Nick! Instead of Usher sitting on Santa's knee (which would not have been a good look) to tell him what he wanted for Christmas, Usher decided to flip the script and give Santa a present: a brand new bottle of his new fragrance Usher VIP. That's a good look.

Last weekend while trying to finish up our Christmas shopping, me and my sister actually stopped by Macy's to check out Usher's new fragrance. It's marketed to reflect a person who is constantly striving to be the best, allowing the wearer to enter a state of mind where smart is sexy and intelligence rules the day. It’s having the presence and the confidence to make an impact, and ultimately to unify and defy the odds to lead, not follow. Usher’s latest fragrance invites the wearer to interpret and express their own special charisma. That's deep, right? Usher says,
“I consider fragrance to be one of the most important tools of engagement for seduction. With Usher VIP I created a gentlemen’s scent, which would also appeal to women. Women tell me they love the scent of a man, and I wanted to create that sense of confidence and style that women desire. VIP is a state of mind which is about what you do with that confidence and how you make an impact in the lives of those around you.”
Well, my sister loved it and purchased a gift set for her fiance (I hope he isn't reading this!) because it wasn't too overpowering, thank God! If there's anything I hate, it's smelling a man's cologne five minutes before I lay my eyes on him. No sir!

I don't what's on Usher's Christmas list this year but with the way things have been going for him for the past several months, I wouldn't blame him if he asked for some peace of mind! I do know he's looking forward to spending a different kind of Christmas this year with his two adorable sons, Usher Raymond V, 2, and Naviyd, 1. He told USA Today:
“It’s very different this year. I’m celebrating with two little children. Two little boys! It’s a different experience. One tradition that I’m actually going to keep that was started by my nanny in Chattanooga, Tenn., was to make Christmas candy. Well, once my kids are old enough … we’ll do pecan clusters, chocolate-covered pretzels, yogurt-covered pretzels. Cookies as well …that’s the easiest. But to make a cluster isn’t easy.”
Speaking of his kids, his youngest son, Naviyd recently celebrated his big 1 with an Aladin-themed birthday bash.

Look for Usher's album Raymond vs. Raymond to be released on February 16, 2010.

Santa photos courtesy of M. Bautista.


4Ever His Lady said...

Awwww he looks so happy with his baby boy! Awwwww. Oh and I brought my man some VIP when it first came out for his b-day and he wears it everyday! Everyday! I wasn't too crazy about it at first. I think its because I liked Ush's first fragrance so much. But the new one is growing on me. And as long as my man likes it I'm good.



Anonymous said...

Love it! He's so cute in that video!

ChattyKayla said...

I had went to the Macy's in my hometown to buy my dad this cologne and it was nearly sold out! I couldn't believe it. I was trying to decide weather to get my dad 50 Cent or Diddy's cologne but once I saw everybody else buying Usher's and then I smelled it for myself I knew I had to get it for my daddy. He thinks he is sooooooooooo young and hip! lmao.

Priceless said...

How sweet of Jay-Z to let the little kiddies take turns riding on his hump! That was so sweet of him. I love him even more now. Who says rappers don't love the kids?

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