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BlackCelebrityMen features Mike Storm.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Natosha, a new (and hopefully permanent!)reader of mine emailed (see email below) me a few days ago after visiting my site and noticing that I have featured just about every popular piece of eye candy Tyler Perry has cast in his stage plays and movies except her favorite: Mike Storm. She said:
"I understand that you have your site geared towards men in the industry and I notice that you have almost every man that has been in the Tyler Perry Plays and movies but how could you possibly not have the sexiest one of all on your site? You don't have Mike Storm anywhere on there.. He was the most popular character. Ronnie best known as "Puerta Rifa" from the play Madea's Family Reunion who was the abusive fiance that was marrying Madea's grandaughter..I have some hot pics of him girl and I can email them to you cuz im his biggest fan and I been waiting to see when u were gonna do a feature on him. He is 6'2 , 220lbs and nothing but pure fineness so please get him up on the site!! Email me back when ur gonna do a feature on him and I can give u his upcoming projects and stuff. Thanks gurl, hope to see my boo up on ya site soon!!"
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing from and receiving positive and negative feedback and requests from my readers. Her email just screamed excitement! LOL! I just had to post this feature. I also had to admit to her the fact that I had never heard of him because when it comes to Tyler's male leads, there's just so many, and after a while I stop trying to figure out who's who and just enjoy the view. So I told her to send me some background info and pictures (how gorgeous is this man?) on Mike and I would make sure to feature him on Black Celebrity Men because he is definitely up and coming. I said the same thing about Lamman Rucker 3 years ago on my other blog and now everybody and their mama (including mine) love themselves some Sheriff Troy! But I digress.
Mike (real name Christian Michael Storm), 33, is a rock solid 6 foot 2, 220 pounds of pure African-American/Indian ancestry. Born in Ohio and now living in New Jersey, Mike wears many hats but he is probably better known in the entertainment industry and among his biggest fans as the trifling, insecure Ronnie from Tyler's hit stage play Madea's Family Reunion. However, acting isn't his only forte. Mike is also a model who has appeared in dozens of national print ads and television commercials for major corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, Delta Airlines, Nike and Adidas. He has also been a body double for Deion Sanders. Mike's other straight-to-dvd acting credits include Get Right or Get Left, Our Father, Who You Gonna Serve? and I Used to be a Church Girl. According to his number one fan, Mr. Storm is also a screen writer as well as singer. He's currently working on his debut album.

And there you have it. If any of you out there would like to see any other Black Celebrity Man featured on this site, just let me know by clicking the 'CONTACT' icon at the top of page!
Thank You Natosha!


Dallas908Debonair said...

where has he been my whole life?!!!!! got damn he fine as hell!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok so basically I know this man and can tell u far more than u may want to know but I believe u should know. Mike storm is of course his stage name his real name is not Christian, it's Anthony. He only used that name because ppl have said he favors Christian Keyes (who played "sonny" in Madea goes to jail) He still lives in Ohio He's insanely jealous of Christian Keyes and has told me this personally..He has children he's not even allowed to see because he's physically abused their mother..i can go on and on this is just the tip of the iceberg..this man has issues and he does not look like that anymore AT ALL..Oh yea he works at family dollar now..

Anonymous said...

Do you know this man personally

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