12/23/2009 09:33:00 AM

T.I. released from prison.

Posted by SouthernGurl

If you haven't heard by now, T.I. is home...well sort of. After serving about 7 months in federal prison in Arkansas, he was released 3 months before his scheduled release date to a halfway house near his home in Atlanta yesterday. According to his lawyer, T.I. reported to Dismas Charities Atlanta West in Georgia last night tonight where he'll remain for the next three months. After his sentence is completed, T.I. still has to complete 500 more hours of community service and 23 days of house arrest. As we all know, T.I., real name Clifford Harris, was sentenced to 366 days in the Forrest City penitentiary earlier this year, after he was busted in 2007 for sending his bodyguard/snitch out to buy machine guns and silencers.

He is blessed beyond belief. With his criminal record, the judge could have easily sent him to prison for 30+ years. Hopefully this holiday season will hold a special meaning to him and his family. And judging by the pictures of him reuniting with his two sons after his release, I think it will.

Welcome home, T.I.



Oshyn said...

He looks good and his kids look happy. Boy they are going to have a very merry x-mas this year. Does this mean him and TIny are getting married?

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