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Blair, Boris & Lance cover Essence magazine's October issue.

Posted by SouthernGurl

It's about damn time! If you're a regular reader of B.C.M. I'm pretty sure you have heard me gripe over Essence magazine's cover selections when it comes to black celebrity men. Well, in the upcoming October issue, Essence chose actors Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe and Lance Gross, three of the most beautiful celebrity black men, to grace their cover and needless to say, I'm absolutely loving it. It's like having a triple combo platter of swaggerific-sexiness, handsomeness and a whole lot of flavor lying face-up on your coffee table or nightstand. The three men will discuss both business and pleasure aspects of their lives which include their current projects and why they love Black women.

Take a glimpse of all of that caramel, pecan-brown and deep, dark chocolate below!

From Essence.com:
"...My parents have been married for 43 years. What I've learned about love is that communication is everything. I'm also paying more attention to the little things because they add up..." --Lance Gross

Just breathe. That's what we're trying to tell ourselves as the fall TV season begins. From Blair Underwood's role as an ultra-cool Commander in Chief, to Lance Gross' return as a steamy fireman, to Boris Kodjoe's double life as a spy and husband, prime time has never looked this sexy.


*goes to check mailbox*


MiaMour said...

now this is a copy i will definitely be getting. all that sexiness on one page!! yes sir!!

FamuDiva said...

Would've been nice if they had Lamman on the cover with the other three. #imjustsaying

I know Boris and Blair have brand new projects but what is Lance up to these days besides House of Payne?

MiaMour said...

FDiva of course you would have preferred Lamman on the cover! LOL! Me too!

Huggable said...

See Essence needs to put more men like this on their covers and their mags will fly right off the shelves instead of laying there until the new issue comes out! LOL! Isn't this Lance's first Essence cover?

Anonymous said...

Youre right its about damn time. Finally Essence gets something right. Long overdue.

Mina said...

Can't wait to get my copy!! FamuDIVA just think of how hotter that cover would have been had Lamman been on the cover too. I wouldn't know what to do with myself! I usually don't check my mail everyday but after seeing this cover I think I might have to. hahahahahah!

FamuDiva said...

Nah, Mina now that I think about it Lamman needs a cover of his very own. Boris and Blair have had several Essence covers (not sure about Lance). Its time for Lamman to get his.

Anonymous said...


BlacqueVanity10 said...

While I can't wait to see this issue I really can't wait to watch Blair and Boris new shows. They look really entertaining. In previews Blair is looking sexy as all hell. Add to that that he's playing the POTUS and he looks even sexier.

I'm a big Blair Underwood fan and frankly Southerngurl I'm offended that you don't have more posts on him!! You got to get it together girl!!

Yeah, I said it! said...

You know I read about that arrogant ass Brian White having the audacity to bash black women and call us haters on Twitter. I need somebody to tell him don't nobody care about you, your nonexistent career or your lil other race wife. Brian does 2 Tyler Perry movies and thinks his ass is above being talked about. Have a seat please sir. If he know what I know he'd be less concerned with folks worrying about who he married and more concerned about those rampant gay rumors that has followed him forever. I'm not gonna even harp on that 'can't work the middle cuz his thing too little' situation he got going on. Little nub for a dick creep!

So refreshing to see REAL black men like Lance, Boris and Blair (who have relevant careers) who appreciate and love real black women and aren't afraid to show and tell it!

Anonymous said...

Sexiness never ever looked so good!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover. Beautiful men.

Jaise said...

Can I say what's on my mind?

They all a'ight. Would it kill Essence to do a poll and ask us readers who we want to see on the cover? They have the same men and women on the covers all the time. Its like they have them on rotation. If my memory serves me correctly Boris and Blair both did a cover together with some other celebs some years ago. Give these new black men some shine of their own. Do they not know how much their mag will sell if they had men like Lance, Lamman, Maxwell, Nelly, Darren Sharpe on the cover?

Hell put Jay-Z on the cover. He ain't much to look at but that man has swagger and confidence out of this world.

Get it together Essence. Damn!

SouthernGurl said...

@FamuDiva: I'm posting excerpts from Lamman's S2S interview. It's going up later on tonight. He really got deep in this particular interview and opened up a lot about the loss of his baby brother. Bless his heart.

@BlaqueVanity: I hear you gurl! You're not the first person to tell me that. I'll definitely post more stories and photos on Blair Underwood. I'm a big fan of his too!

@ Yeah, Said It: I'm over here literally hollering my ass off!!! Damn you went IN!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Why his wee-wee got to be the size of a nub though?! LOL!

@ Jaise: Feel free to vent and speak your mind anytime. All respectful opinions and comments are greatly welcomed! And I love your choice of black celebrity men that should also grace Essence's cover. Love your taste in men!

Everybody else keep the comments going. I read them all!

FamuDiva said...

Woo-hoo! Can't wait!

FamuDiva said...

SG I know you haven't forgotten about that Lamman post you promised me last night?

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