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Reggie Bush Essence magazine cover (February 2010 issue).

Posted by SouthernGurl

Essence magazine must want me to cancel my subscription with them. For some inane reason, the folks over there at Essence magazine decided to put Reggie Bush on the cover of their first-ever Black Men, Love and Relationships (February 2010) issue (it hits newsstands this month) which features a list of its top 10 sexiest men in sports, music and Hollywood. Idris Elba, LL Cool J. and Lance Gross are also included on the list. See, I have a problem with this cover. Although Idris has graced a cover or two, LL Cool J. and Lance Gross haven't...so why in the hell is Reggie the only one on the cover? Wouldn't you rather see the faces of Idris, LL and Lance behind that Black Men, Love and Relationships title? Why couldn't more than one man from the list be included on the cover? It ain't like it's never been done before. Yes, Reggie's body is on point (even though they used a three year old picture, but I digress), I'll give him that, but the buck stops and parks there. And I'm not going to even dwell on the 'love and relationships' part of the issue's title. We all know Idris, LL and Lance all love themselves some black women. Idris has been in a long-term relationship with a black woman, LL's married to one and Lance is engaged to another. To me, these guys are the epitome of Black men, love and relationships. Reggie? I think not. When have we ever seen Reggie show some black women (besides his mama) some love? Oh and ladies, don't be surprised if Kim Kardashian ends up on a future cover of Essence. With the way Essence has been operating lately, yes, it is very possible. And I'm pretty sure she'll jump at the chance. I can just see the title now, 'KIM KARDASHIAN ON HOW SHE SNAGGED BOYFRIEND REGGIE BUSH AND KEEPS HIM HAPPY WITH HER FRIED CHICKEN, COLLARD GREENS, BAKED MAC & CHEESE AND HOMEMADE BISCUITS!'

Yall know I love me some Essence, but this madness right here? No sir! I haven't seen the complete list, but trust and believe me when I say I'm going to e-cut up something proper-like if BCM's most finest and most talked about isn't on it. And yall know who I'm talking about too: none other than Lamman Rucker. Hell, they could have put him on the cover! I mean, really!


MsDoolittle said...

I can't beleive they chose ol Graveyard-breath Reggie!! From what I heard his breath is akin to the stench of fresh death!!

I'm wit you SOutherngirl. They did your boy Lamman wrong wrong wrong. Lance too. One of them should have had a cover a long time ago.

AprilMayJune said...

i just laughed out loud at my desk!!!! now everybody looking at me!! graveyard breath??? lmao!!

ebonyeyes said...


On another note I can think of many more fine black men that should've been on the cover. Lets see:

Christian Keyes
Laz Alonzo
Hill Harper
Shemar Moore
Boris Kodjoe

When WDIGM2 comes out they should put the male cast members on the cover together. That would be hot.

Davene said...

Kim gets on my nerves with that soul food shit. Anybody see the episode where she told her sister the best way to impress Omarion was to cook him fried chicken and serve it to him in a thong?! I knew her lying ass was off her rocker but when I heard her say that i knew she was too far gone. Becuz if that sex tape with Brandy's brother is any indication of how her bedroom skills really are then her cooking skills and looks are the only things keeping Reggie around.

Hampton_Chick10 said...

@Davene, I saw that whack tape. She laid on her back majority of the time. What? She think she too damn cute to ride a dick? Cause LORD knows she sure can't suck one. Now I'm starting to believe those rumors of Reggie cheating on her are all true. Does she really think a 24 year old pro football player is ready to settle down with her? Does she really?

And again why is Reggie on this damn cover? I bet you a hill of beans he hasn't even read a issue of Essence magazine. Can he read anyway?

FamuDiva said...

Yes SG! You know I had to come in and chime in my man Lamman. Its like I can just smell it in the atmosphere when there's a new post here with his name in it. LOL! What a coicidence that I'm watching an episode of House of Payne right now and they're showing a scene with just Lance and Lamman in it.

These brothers are 3 types of fine--fine as hell, fine as wine and finer than a muthaf*cka! LOL! Essence just did their magazine and its readers a big disservice with keeping these two off this particular cover.

BTW ebonyeyes I like your list girl! Hahahaha!

Tyree said...

Essence has fell off big time! Out of all the black male celebrities in the whole world they put his mug on the cover. This cover is not the business.

WANNA-KNOW said...


Anonymous said...

Reggie Bush being on the cover of "Essence Magazine" is comical. I thought Essence catered to black women? Yet they put a guy that
Kim can lie all she want, Reggie WAS messing with that Carmen chick. Why would she pick him out the bunch and lie? Kim just insist on trying to make like Reggie is head of heels for her and they have this great relationship.

Anonymous said...

Utterly and thoroughly disgusted with Essence right about now. Kim K. doesn't even like black woman but I bet she goes to bed everynight wishing she was one.

Sophia Petrillo said...

Bullshit at its finest indeed!! See this is just one of the many reasons why I canceld my subscription with Essence. Who are we going to see on the next cover? Lamar Odom a.k.a. Mr. Kardashian?

I would have rather seen Nick Cannon on the cover instead of Reggie! Just what the hell has Reggie done for black women in general besides don a six pack in a couple of old photo shoot pics? Not a dam thing that's what. With his slow looking self. He looks like he sleeps and daydreams with his mouth wide open.

ExeSSi said...

DAG! The way some of yall dogging Reggie You would think Reggie shot some of yall down when you tried to holla at him or something! He is not all that for it to be this serious. Calm down. lol

PrettyNPetite said...

Essence should just go and slap Lance in the face fifty-leven times. It'd hurt less. Is Essence working for the a 'Massa'? This Feb issue is supposed to be a special one-of-a-kind issue. It's supposed to be about black men and black love and relationships. Reggie is none of that (with the exception of being a black man) and hasn't been for years now, so what's the deal?

Was Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe or Duane Martin too tied up to shoot a fresh batch of photos for this issues. Essence has fallen way off. A recycled picture of Reggie from years ago?!? What's really real?

Anonymous said...

Reggie's cover shot definitely is not a Terrell Owens shot, that's for sure.
wow, I'm just so glad to know that I'm really not the only one that feels this way about the Kardashians. And please, can someone please make me understand that Carl's Jr. commercial with Kim K.
I mean, really now, for a salad????

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments... I'm finding it hard to believe that none of You are single!! WOW!! I mean just the amount of love that is spread across this room is Proof Positive that all of You are ready for the Next Step in Love and Relationships. For the Record Kim K. IS NOT 100% White... Just like Most if not all of You!! She's a MUTT... Just like Most if not all of You!! She's Armenian, Scottish and Dutch!! I understand the Passion that some of You are trying to demonstrate but Passion without Direction is just a Waste of Energy!! I mean Think about it...

MsDooLittle is living up to Her name... Who gives a fuck about His breath. It's a Photo not a Scratch & Sniff Picture!!

EbonyEyes is right on Point They Should have a group Photo it does the Subjects and the magazine over all Justice.

Davene is on something other than Her Morning Coffee... Hell, at least she's suggesting that the Best Way to a man's heart is through His stomach. Just because She suggested cooking Omarion Fried Chicken makes Her racist? EVERYBODY LOVES FRIED CHICKEN!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

Hampton_Chick10 Yes Kim K. made the Dumb ass mistake of taping Herself having Sex with a D Grade Celebrity at best, but really if It was that Horrible then YOU GO MAKE ONE and Let Us See How BOMB You are in the Sack!!

Tyree sounds like He just needed to Chime in to keep His Beauty Salon Cred up... FOH!!! (UMMM HMMM, Girl!! [Snaps His Fingers & Rolls His Eyes])

Anonymous #1 is in Denial... Like You have never told someone some false Shit about Your Relationship just to keep People out of Your business... You probably did it over someone else with less worth(Mentally & Financially)

Anonymous#2 Yeah. You're right Kim Probably does go to bed every night wishing She was the Average black Woman with all of their Personal issues & baggage trying to figure out How She's gonna afford that COACH purse with K-MART money? Yeah She's really goin to Bed wanting to be that!! Are you Serious?!?!?! SMH!!

Sophia Petrillo suggested Nick Cannon... Hell Mariah Carey-Cannon is the Original Kim K. ARE YOU on OXYCOTIN or something stronger? Please rethink the position for all of our sakes.

PrettyNPetite asks if Essence a.k.a. Johnson Publications Company is working for Massa? Withthe Educational Standards in this coutry I'm sure that ESSENCE is happy if anyone is actually picking up Print Publications at this point. COME ON SON!!! And Blair dates White Women and portrays characters that date White Women... Boris is too busy being a Father to get work to be Relevant enough to be a Cover Boy to sell copies of ESSENCE & Duane Martin is living off of Tisha Campbell's Syndication Money from MARTIN & My WIFE and KIDS to even bother trying to find work. Please think before You speak!!

Anonymous#3 suggested Terrell Owens... Plaxico Ya Self for Real!! is he even relevent anymore... He can't even catch Footballs anymore and if Youever watched His show on Vh-1 You'd be quick to rethink You're choice and the carl's Jr. Commercial was done for a Check, you know money, cashing in on Your Celebrity!! Hell, You've probably done more for Less at the Club so get over yourself!!

And last but certainly not least SouthernGirl WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BE UPSET ABOUT ANY OF THIS Except to find other Delusional Women who think that they're gonna just wake up and snag a Business, Sports or Entertainment Millionaire and live happily ever after and have them talk a lot of Cash Shit about of all People Reggie Bush!! Hell if You and everyone else on here feels that way then Date a White man then... It would probably mean that You'd have to adjust Your Attitude on a lot of things in order to accommodate for the relationship but We all know that that would never happen.

Anonymous said...


If your perception of the average Black woman is no more than someone who tries to buy COACH bags with K-Mart money, then what is your perception of the average White Woman? Before you start putting down Black women and all of their so called issues, just remember...if it weren't for all of the issues white women have, those of us in the mental health profession wouldn't have jobs! This comes from a Clinical Psychologist.

Anonymous said...

for one why do any of yall care who reggie bush dates hmm smells like jealous .. cus she prolly got more ass then you an your mom ? and cus he doesnt date a black women makes him any less black.... yall are a trip.

Anonymous said...

seems black women mad the worlds diverse an the dude can date whoever he pleases everyones mixin now a days

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is upset about the "mixing now days" black women "mix" also. It's the reasons behind it.

I think what some people get upset over is someone dating someone for physical reasons that feed the beast of ignorance.

No one is jealous, maybe we are just more aware that you'll be cheating and divorced in about a week and trying to prevent THAT. I don't look at him that way, anyway; I see him as a brother. He seems lost.

Essence is supposed to put quality on the cover. Vacationing with your reality "star" girlfriend is not quality. I.E. Denzel. Some of those ball players just took great opportunities and decided to act average and typical. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Uhm...Armenian, Scottish, and Dutch are all considered Caucasian races making her 100% white. Duh.

And I don't care who Reggie dates, but it's asinine to put a man that won't date black women on the cover of a magazine for black women. Again - duh.

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