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Ginuwine & Sole in Sister 2 Sister magazine (September 2010)

Posted by SouthernGurl

Ginuwine and his beautiful wife Sole cover the September 2010 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In their feature story, the couple, who met in 1999 and married in 2003, touched on several topics including how they met, dealing with groupies, Ginuwine's suicide attempt after the deaths of him mom and dad (and how Sole saved him), Ginuwine's sex symbol status, his short stays in jail (bet yall didn't know about that, huh?!), his four babymamas (that either!) and how he almost ended up with 31 children! The singer/actor also has a new cd titled Elgin coming out in September. Check out the excerpts below:
SOLE: We met in 1999. Tyrese introduced us. Ginuwine was looking for me.
GINUWINE: Yeah, I had seen her on TV. I said, 'Oh, I'm going to get that.' That's what I said; because she was very attractive. She was just the one I wanted. I was actually doing a video called 'None of Your Friends' Business.' I'd seen her quite a few times because we was doing shows together. I asked her if she would be in the video. And she was like, yeah. So basically that's how it started.
GINUWINE: If someone is a little wild, I'm like, 'Hello, this is my wife.' and they get it.
SOLE: It really doesn't happen. I think maybe once or twice someone has been over the top and I will say something. I said, 'Don't get slapped!' Because she was being funny. I forgot about that--and that was our most recent one. I don't worry about the young girls.
GINUWINE ON IF HE CARED ABOUT HIS POPULARITY LEVEL & SEX SYMBOL STATUS WANING AFTER HE MARRIED SOLE: Yeah, absolutely Because it's more like a fantasy (for female fans). But at that time I really didn't care....I cared but she (Sole) is way more important to me than some fans. When it first happened, yeah--for, like the first three years. I felt like it [popularity] might have because I didn't have any hit records. I don't think if I come out with a hit record someone is going to say, 'I'm not going to buy it because he's married.' And then, when I got older, I just felt like, 'Why would I want fans that didn't want me to be happy?' So the people that I want to support me want to see me happy and I want to make them happy with my music. [On being a sex symbol today]: I knew that came with the territory, but I never woke up and was like, 'I'm too sexy for my shirt.' I didn't think that. I knew I wasn't ugly, but I didn't feel like I was that doggone thing. Sole thinks I did. But I promise you I didn't.

GINUWINE: If they are, they never let it be known to me. My babies' mamas--we were together for a little period of time. Not a long period of time. Nor was I married to any of them. Each one of them I spent time with. I was very lucky. When I was on the road before her (Sole), I was doing a lot of craziness. I have the amount of kids that I have, but it could have been a lot more. It could have been 31.
SOLE: It could have been more than that.


GINUWINE ON HIS SUICIDE ATTEMPT AFTER THE DEATHS OF HIS PARENTS (FATHER TO SUICIDE; MOTHER TO UTERINE CANCER): When I was trying to do that, I was going through things because my father shot himself in the head. And the next year my mom had died from cancer. So really, I think anybody that has gone through that understands where you just don't want to be here no more because it hurts too bad. It's not that you're mad, you're hurting. And no one knows that kind of hurt unless you go through it. That's not a hurt like you fall and hurt yourself or break your leg or, like, a breakup. That's your mom and dad. And then the way it happened. It was unbearable pain. Like, my father shot himself in the head. I didn't see it coming. I knew he was going through a little depression, but just like anybody, if you're sad, you don't think they're going to kill themselves. He did that in '99.

I was trying to overdose with Ecstasy at one point. I was drinking. [Sole] actually threw a lot of my drugs away. She actually saved me one time. That was one of the times I was like, 'This is going to be it.' I bought some cognac and I bought a lot of Ecstasy and I was just going to do it. She flushed all my pills down the toilet. She left me a note, but she had left, though. The beginning process of me getting out of that was when I had my daughter Story. When I had her, it was me saying, 'How would she feel if I did the same thing my dad did?' So that was kind of the beginning, but it didn't stop. That was just me recognizing it. And I was just like, naw. But I started taking it day-by-day. Still drinking and still doing everything, but the thoughts started going away. Every once in a while I will take a swig. [Sole] don't like to hear that, but I will. Sometimes because I get nervous onstage, but that's pretty much it. I don't drink no other time.

GINUWINE ON HIS TIME IN JAIL:Well, I've been there a couple of times, but it wasn't for no stint. Couple of days. Overnight...it was like three times [for] jumping off stage and stuff like that. Everybody gets arrested except the White guys that are jumping in the audience. For real, the rock 'n' rollers.


ButterscotchBabe said...

She's still as pretty as she was when she first hit the scene. I still think Elgin is a dog tho. lol!

Anonymous said...


Sophia Petrillo said...

Beautiful cover! Sole is gorgeous! She's a hell of a woman to put up with all that drama Gin has thrown her way. Just knowing he has 4 baby mamas turns me the hell off! He is not even cute no more! I bet that child support is a bitch! LMFAO!

Davene said...

my god! i know sole has four children--2 before she met him and then two with him. SO if he has four other baby mamas, he's got to at least have four kids with them right? if that's the case he got at least 6 biological kids in all--well, really he has at least 8 kids: six biological kids plus the two sole has with him who call him daddy.

somebody correct me if i'm wrong. yeah he better put out another album or snag a role in somebody's movie real fast! music don't sell like it did 10 years ago when he was hot.

Jaise said...

I wonder does Ginuwine have any brothers that look just like him?

Anybody know if he does? Yeah, I'm messy! LOL!

Anonymous said...

cute pics

KappaChino said...

Uh Davene ur theory sounds about right. But I have a feeling that Mr. Pony man has more then 8 crumb snatchers.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he's able to still pee straight!

Anonymous said...

LMAO. You guys are crazy. I definitely agree with you all though - that's way too many kids in all. But then again, sounds like they both had a bit of a promiscuous past to tell you the truth. She's definitely aging far better than he is though. As handsome as he *used* to be, he looks all dirty and dried up now. If he was still hot in the streets, was out on the road, and looked as sexy as he did then, I think he would STILL be unfaithful even now. He's one of those dudes that keeps it home because he don't have no real choice right now. If temptation presented itself, he still doesn't seem strong enough to resist it. So if Tonya didn't keep him on a leash, he'd be out there runnin' around on her - again. Just like he did many times before before (and even after) they married. But for some reason, I don't even think the ladies feeling him like that right now, and he knows it. Where the hell else is he going with dwindling cash, a bunch of mainly grown-assed kids, & father time stealing his looks rather rapidly? Oh, and while Sole' is def a beauty, they sure amped her up nicely with hair pieces in those pics. LoL. Her hair is long, but stringy as hell. All of what you see in these pics - length AND thickness - is not all hers.

Anonymous said...

I really am curious as to how and why S2S keeps going back revisiting/following this couple - when they are VERY much removed from the music industry. G hasn't had a hit since what - the 90's/ early 2000's maybe? Everything else has been mediocre at best. I'm also wondering how r they at home with Ginuwine & Sole - who just so happen to have makeup, extensions, false eyelashes, fancy outfits, jewelry, a fresh S-curl, etc, yet they asking for funds for their charity organization on the regular on Twitter. hell, if you 2 have money like that - continue to fund that organization your damn selves if you're ballin' like that. I mean seriously. :-)

KappaChino said...

Somebody speaking nuthin but the "troof" up in here! LOL! I wish the two peeps who commented above me had left their name so I could really give them their props!

Anonymous said...

Im a laugh at this one... because I know how he really is lol... he doesnt like condoms and when he want you he is determined even when you try to set him up with someone else...trust me i know.

Anonymous said...

OMG @ the person above. Funny - but I believe you on that. I finally read the interview, & I thought to myself - it all seemed so 'fake'. I don't doubt that he loves his wife, but if you notice, some of her comments came across like she was trying to put him out there & embarrass him at time because of all the dirty things he's done to her over the years. I was thinking ok, why are you finishing your man's sentences,correcting him telling him Boy you cared when he said it didnt' matter that he wasn't popular after marrying, & when the interviewer asked about beauty secrets, shes all out of left-field talking about how he eats like a 5-yr old. Which I chuckled @ because that's EXACTLY how she seemed to be treating him throughout the interview - like he was 5. Maybe they were kidding & that's just how they play, BUT if she's a new creature in Christ, why the hell she keep doggin him on the sly talking about how everybody knows about his wild history, how many kids he COULD have had, etc. So the Lord only let her turn over a new leave and renounce her old life, but she gotta keep bringing HIS up? She was no angel back in the day either half-dressed, talking nasty. IF he's NO LONGER like that now, don't let some interviewer carry your man - and you HELP by chiming in on every question. He came across like a man who's been royally screwing up with his woman lately, so he GOTTA make it right crediting everything to HER (including how she SAVED him), to get back in her good graces.Like she's his personal savior. Which was odd, because if he's in church, he should have said "GOD saved me", not Tonya saved me one time by flushing my pills... :-I. In the end, that same night he could have gotten more. GOD saved him, not freaking Tonya. Because in the end, Tonya can't save herself & nobody else. that's for the Lord 2 do. Real talk. I understand he doesn't have his parents anymore. But it's almost like her & her fam adopted him, but yet he always speaking shady about his own. She had some kind of input on almost every question, whereas when it was her turn to speak, he just let her & didn't knock HER past. So I *heard* anyway, she was opening up her legs to him either on the first night, or not VERY long after, soo...If some of that stuff is in their past, they really need to stop letting ppl get them to revisit that over and over, because they can always decline politely, even if they ARE asked. So either he really IS whipped like crazy, or he OWED her those little side swipes she seemed to be taking at him - as payback for f*$@ing up with their relationship lately. Oh, and one more thing. Sorry so long, but that interview was so retarded, why would he say she means more to him than his fans? Ok, so retire your ass from music, and just stay home with her. Because it's kind of crass to get ready to drop an album talking about why would you want fans that don't want to see you happy? Why would you want a wife that makes you feel like you have to choose one over the other. Because UNLESS she plans to buy up all his CDs, I really think it was disrespectful to the ppl that's pulling out THEIR money for him - to say that - while she sit back and say good answer. Dumb dummy. If he don't appeal to his fans at least in SOME way, how ELSE are you 2 gonna live as nicely as you have? :-) He doesn't have to renounce his wife, but THAT crap was pure foolishness, especially since we ALL do what we have to to keep our money rolling. Even on a regular 9-5 job, it's some stuff that might be a bad idea to say (even if you feel that way) - for the sake of being able to continue to stay employed. :-) So, yeah. Cute couple. but they BOTH dumb as hell for not knowing any better than how they came across this time.

Anonymous said...

Wow ya'll some mad haters. Like seriously yeah he was wrong but let's not forget he's human. She is too. I'm quite sure some of the other celebrities you guys favor are MUCH worse! In fact I'm positive! You people need to get over yourselves and stop trying to act so perfect. Half of you on here hating have even worse backgrounds. At least they are BRAVE enough to come clean and help others by explaining their stories. God bless this beautiful couple and I hope they have many more BLESSED years together.

Anonymous said...

He has one brother, they favor

RnBStateofMIND said...

Hey Thanks for this. I really enjoyed reading. Sole still looks pretty. I'm 100% straight but Always been a G fan. He, Missy & Aaliyah- the whole camp from when I was a teen!!!

Glad he's doing well even today. God's Thanks.

RnBStateofMIND2 said...

I just read all the (Mostly Disgusting) comments before mine. And I can say that, if the commenters are black, then I finally understand the reason why black celebs don't cater to our likes, and typically hate us. SMH!

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