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Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys Marry in Italy!

Posted by SouthernGurl

Another day, another black celebrity man wedding. Today Swizz Beatz married his boo and mother-to-be Alicia Keys in an intimate ceremony aboard a 260-foot yacht on the Mediterranean Sea in Sardinia, Italy. Well, actually the couple were officially hitched in New York earlier this week and then left for Italy to celebrate their nuptials with a small gathering of their closest family and friends.

According to gossip columnist Miss Info:
"At that small ceremony, the bride reportedly wore Vera Wang, the groom wore Tom Ford, and, of course, the footwear was all Louboutin (Swizz’s friend and collaborator). Meanwhile Swizz celebrated with not one but two bachelor parties, one in New York and one on Friday (July 30) at Sardinia’s legendary Billionaire Club (owned by Formula One scion Flavio Briatore and home to the $50k Cristal methuselahs)."
In an interview with OK! magazine last week, Swizz dished on his upcoming wedding, his new music projects and his excitement about the birth of his new baby with Alicia. Check out the excerpts below:
SWIZZ ON BEING A DAD AGAIN: “I’m very excited about that! Children, you know, they’re a blessing and I’m very excited. [My older children are] excited as well. We keep the energy positive. Everything surrounding kids should always be positive. That’s the number one rule. I think Alicia’s going to be an amazing mom because she’s an amazing person. If you're an amazing person, it all equals the same thing.”

SWIZZ ON PREPARING FOR HIS WEDDING: "Were excited. Our union is amazing. Our union is pure. Our union is positive no matter what people say or what people think, time will tell everything and you know, silence is the best thing. We just keep it private and we do our thing and just have fun with it...

...You know, I’m a planner! I like getting into the detail of things. I’m inspired by fashion, I’m inspired by art, I’m inspired by architectural things so [I like] being involved with the wedding. I’m not the person who sits back and goes, okay, well I’ll just show up. I’m actually spearheading certain plans but it’s a nice blend, a nice partnership....

...It's going to be an amazing day. Very intimate. It’s not a superstar wedding. It’s not a gimmicky wedding. It’s a true bond of love, you know, that’s not based on having the most famous person sitting there while you’re doing it. It’s about having the closest people who really understand you as a person and that really have love for you. So it’s a small situation.”
Congratulations to the couple!



Sophia Petrillo said...

Alicia really looks happy! I'm mad her daddy looks like Conrad Murphy.

FamuDiva said...

Sophia your name suits you to a tee!

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