7/12/2010 10:38:00 AM

The Dream caught cheating on wife Christina.

Posted by SouthernGurl

UPDATE: According to US Weekly the chick all boo'd up with Mr. Chubbs  has been identified as being his "personal" assistant Melissa Marie Santiago. And, of course, Christina knows her. As a matter of fact she and Melissa were photographed together last May. Peep the pic below.

And it didn't take any time for the word to get back to Christina. She left the following cryptic tweet on her Twitter page. Take from it what you will. Those 5 words say so much.


Let me find out his fat ass has the nerve to cheat on somebody?! Did The Dream forget that he's married with a 5-month-old baby at home? If so, why are there pics of his flabby, rotund self romping around on a beach in the Caribbean with a woman who isn't his wife, Christina Milian? They haven't even been husband and wife a year and yet he's captured on film in knee-deep water palming some random woman's nearly non-existent backside and in another pic with her straddling him? No sir! I'd love to see him try to explain this. And I'd dare him to say she's "just a friend." Or are times so hard that he has to resort to pulling a publicity stunt of this magnitude in order to savage his flopping record sales? Or are the rumors true about him and Christina separating? That probably would explain the reason as to why he's looking dead into the camera and not appearing to give a damn. But I'll bet dollars to donuts that these photos will not be a good look for him in divorce court.

Either way Christina (and their baby girl) lose big time. Where's the respect? I'm embarrassed for her.




Yeah, I said it! said...

A sin and a damn shame. Fat fucker. Looking like a life size Teddy Ruxpin doll! Christina deserves so much better than him.

ebonyeyes said...

its a sad sad sad day when men like the dream who is ugly and out of shape have the audacity to step out on somebody. clearly that jumpoff aint with him because he looks good. thats probably why niveah left him.

Anonymous said...

Christina bout to get paid!!!!! IF he thought those child support payments to Nivea for their twins was off the chain the child support and alimony he's going to have pay Christina will be his biggest nightmare.

Cali $unshine said...

*SMH* He has no shame at all. No shame. This doesn't even surprise me. What did Christina see in him anyway? Ugh!!! Fat S.O.B.

Anonymous said...

She needs to sue her! Seriously, if more women would start suing these women that are going with their husbands, this mess would stop, dead! You can't buy no Jimmy Choos when you paying a lawsuit off! LOL!

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