6/28/2010 06:58:00 PM

Prince's B.E.T. Lifetime Award tribute.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Patti made it perfect.

As we all know, B.E.T. honored Prince with their Lifetime Achievement Award. If you ask me, it was past due but still right on time, if that makes any sense. However, with the exception of Patti and Alicia Keys, I wasn't too happy with B.E.T.'s line-up of unknowns honoring Prince on Sunday night. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Prince didn't really have a say in who'd he like to watch pay tribute to him? And I'm still trying to understand Trey Songz raggedy rendition of Prince's classic Purple Rain. Dude?! Huge FAIL! That so-called mini-tribute he called himself doing...well, we could have done without it. He was singing as if he was afraid to sing! And by the expression on Prince's face (click here) when the cameraman panned down to him, he wasn't feeling him either. Yall know Prince don't front for nobody! His facial expressions said it all. Just like he looked as if he was about to have a coronary episode when Alicia climbed on top of her piano before he started pumping his fist in the air (click here to see it)! All in all, without Alicia and Patti, that tribute was a big FAIL! I was hoping Prince would take to the stage and break out into his own performance.

And talk about keeping his acceptance speech short and sweet!

“I do believe the future is in good hands, I’ve seen so much talent here tonight. I was pretty wild in my younger days and you don’t have to do what I do,” he said, with a smile. You don’t have to make any of the mistakes that I made. The future is in your hands.”

Anyhoo, check out more pics plus videos from Prince's tribute when you click the link below.

Click HERE and HERE to see Alicia's and Patti's performance.


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