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El DeBarge's B.E.T. performance; New album news.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Did El De DeBarge do his thing or what? He just won't stop. He had me sounding like a cross between a wild hyena giving birth and a screeching ass cat as I tried to sing along with him during his medley of all of my favorite DeBarge songs (All This Love, I Like It, Time Will Reveal, and Rhythm Of The Night). I had a headache by the time he was through! LOL! Seriously, every performance I have seen from him in the past several months has been outstanding to say the least. His surprise performance at the B.E.T. Awards was no exception. He continues to make me proud. The audience reaction to his songs and the way they sang along with him overwhelmed me so I know he had to have felt their love too. The cameraman even caught T.I. and Tiny jamming to El (peep the image on the right)! I hope they show that same support when his next album drops. As I watched him perform last night, at first I was like, 'Wow, he's small!' But then I couldn't help but to notice how strong of a man he is to be able to overcome the life changing obstacles he's faced in his past. I've talked about that before in a previous post so I want go there again with yall in this one!

Besides, I have other news to report. This fall, El will release his first album in 16 years aptly titled Second Chance. According to EURWeb.com, his long-awaited fifth solo album, Second Chance tells his story of redemption, which followed a period of personal turmoil for the immensely talented singer and songwriter. El says, “I want the world to know that everybody deserves a second chance. I wrote Second Chance to commemorate all the struggles I went through, and I feel it speaks to struggles in the souls and the hearts of people who are going through what I went through and who want a second chance.”

I wish this brother nothing but the best.

The album is co-written and co-produced by super-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds and more.

So, don't be surprised if Eldra becomes an upcoming recipient of B.E.T.'s Lifetime Achievement Award! I called it first!

In the meantime, check out photos from El's performance.

Click HERE to watch a touching, behind-the-scenes look at the making of El's Second Chance album, and click the red link below to watch El's B.E.T. performance and see more pics!


Maneater said...

Love this man so MUCH! Can't wait for the album!

La-Di-Dah said...

I agree with Maneater! I can't wait either. He has the perfect album title for the perfect comeback. I became a reformed fan when I saw him on the awards show.

Mina said...

El's performance at the B.E.T. awards was much needed. You had rappers like Nicki Garbaj up there LIP SYNCHING! WTF! Then El hits the stage and lights it UP all while singing LIVE! I guess I'm getting old because the only things I enjoyed about the show was the old school songs that were sung i.e. El, Tyreses tribute to Teddy P! That's the type of music I grew up on.

ExeSSi said...

Ain't it funny how these days Whitney Houston cain't hit a note or keep a tune to save her life but El who is knocking on 50 years old can still belt out those high notes as if it was the early mid-80s?

*lightbulb goes off* Oooooooooh ya know what they shoulda did? They shoulda let El and the other original the guys sing Secret Garden. Of course someone would have to sing Barry White's part (RIP).

BlacqueVanity10 said...

I don't blame EL for being on his grind. That man has kids to support. Fortunately for him he's able to support doing what he loves and does best: singing. That's a good look EL

Anonymous said...

Great comments on Eldra..he is looking and sounding soooo OUTSTANDING~makes the young guys like, Chris, Trey and Usher sound like.......! Wishing him well and hoping that he takes his Second Chance to heart...May GOD continue to bless him always.... Love Always is my favorite ballard from El. Also, thanks for the photo on Christopher Williams....The BEIGE Brothers are still tops some of us don't like chocolate brothers!

3Georgi said...

I just found this website for the first time today and I have to say, very, very, nice! Love all the pics of our beautiful black men...Thank you for posting the article on Mr. Eldra Debarge; hopefully this time around he will get the recognition he so richly deserves. Like a fine wine, Mr. Debarge has aged very nicely...his voice is superb! Who cares about his past? If anyone can turn a tragic past into a great future, he can. Let us, his faithful fans, know when he will begin touring for the new album, please. And El, don't forget your family; give your brothers a job too! Much Love to you!

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