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Lamman Rucker in Krave magazine; photoshoot.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Actor Lamman Rucker has a few words for the brothers in his interview with Krave magazine. Lamman credits his father, Eric and his uncle Stephen as his mentors, but he says some of his best mentors are his own peers. Lamman believes men should uplift, support and sustain one another. The actor touched on a variety of topics including his opinion on why black men shouldn't let their pants sag! Check out excerpts from his interview below.
Lamman on why education is important for black males: Education has been taken for granted so often when it comes to black males. Not necessarily by brothers, but often times by the status quo who expect us to fail. We have to grow beyond our expected limitations and excel to take advantage of every opportunity afforded to us.

Lamman on why black males should surround themselves with positive people: If you are surrounded by individuals who are not in the best interest of your greater good, you may have to love them from a distance or know when it is time to cut your losses and move on.

Lamman on fashion and brothers who "sag": Real style is about you expressing you, not someone else. Use fashion as an extension of your own personal style. Clothes are meant to FIT your body type! Sometimes I just want to go up to brother and say, pull your pants up--sometimes I have. You don't have to wear what everybody else is wearing; make a statement with your own style and let people see the true you. Have the courage to stand out and sometimes dress in the opposite direction your boys are going.

Lamman on how black men can be better for women: We have to put in our work, to understand the needs of that particular woman. But you have to also put in the time to discover who you are and first start off by bringing a woman into your life who best complements who you already are. If you put the work in, she will appreciate it and you will find she is even more attracted to you regardless of your looks or economic status.
Do I see a book deal in his future? Maybe an advice column in Essence magazine? And a Lamman post wouldn't be complete without some eye candy to gawk at, right?



Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! This man is tooo sexy!!! Need heart medication, right away!!! Sinful!!

Mina said...

I wonder if his father and uncle are as fine as him? An I'm not the only one who thinks that!!

Mrs. Smith said...

I hope you don't mind but I used that pic of Lamman wearing the yellow shirt as my screen saver! My hubby is mad because I took our wedding pic off to put Lamman's on!

Dovey said...

I was just watching Lamman on Meet the Browns. He has man hips!

Greta said...

Mrs. Smith if I was your husband I would b mad 2! But for some reason I understand why you did it. What I wouldnt do to lay down with Lamman one time! lol! These photos of him are gorgeous! Does he ever take a unflatering pic?

Anonymous said...

seriously,lamman is absolutely gorgeous....i mean 10/10.he's capable of making a sister sin...lol

Shekinah Burton said...

Lamman rucker is so fine and sexy I feel like that I just wanna kiss him so bad omg.

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