4/13/2010 11:35:00 AM

Watch Heads of State tonight on Mo'Nique!

Posted by SouthernGurl

I was so excited last night when Candy (the Admin of New Edition's number one website NewEditionFanClub.com) sent me a tweet telling me that the guys of Heads of State (Ralph, Bobby and Johnny) would be performing TONIGHT on Mo'Nique's late night show (11 p.m. on B.E.T.) that I could barely contain myself. Why you ask? Read any posts on my other blog RealGossip 101 (or click here) and you'll find out why! And because I haven't had the pleasure of watching these guys perform live, well, then I have no other choice but to watch them on television. Hey, I'll take whatever I can get!

Alot can be said about this H.O.S. For one, they have never recorded an album, yet their shows are selling out not only in the United State, but all over the world. For those of you who aren't aware of their background or how they became Heads of State here it is:
Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant are known as original members of New Edition, a group that gave the world such smooth R&B hits as Candy Girl, Cool It Now, and Mr. Telephone Man. Brown was voted out of New Edition in 1986 with Johnny Gill replacing him, and the act scored the hit If It Isn't Love. Brown went on to release 1989's Don't Be Cruel, and Tresvant and Gill both scored hits as solo artists after New Edition. With New Edition now on continued hiatus, Brown, Gill and Tresvant formed the R&B supergroup Heads of State. There's no album to promote, just 25 years of New Edition and solo hits featuring the trio.
Remember. Mo'Nique. Tonight, April 13, 2010. 11 pm. B.E.T.

Again, thank you so much Candy for giving me the heads (no pun intended) up! LOL! I appreciate it.


romatic said...

I'll most definitely be watching!!! I need these guys to come together for a reunion.

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