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Dru Hill's new reality show 'Keith Sweat's Platinum House.'

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Is 2010 the comeback year for R&B boy bands? Seems that way. I was watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Jones the other night on B.E.T. Centric when a promo for Dru Hill's new reality show, Keith Sweat's Platinum House flashed on the screen. I then remembered reading an interview over a year ago about them doing a reality show. Now it looks like everything is official. Dru Hill is making a return to music minus their gospel-loving brother Woody. In an effort to make their comeback stronger than before, the group, along with new member Tao, moved into Keith's Atlanta home and worked out the kinks within their band with counseling, vocal training and physical training. The show, which aired as an hour-long special on Atlanta's Peachtree TV in February (2009), is expected to premiere on B.E.T. Centric on Monday, June 28. The guys say the show will answer the many questions that fans have had over the years including Woody's sudden and permanent departure from the group.

If you're wondering why the guys had to undergo counseling sessions, Keith says it was because the guys had trust issues with each other and that it was holding them back and causing a rift in the group. Nokio said:
'We always said what we had to say man-to-man, but on the show I think we found out there was some other things that happened in the past that we had to figure out how to resolve. We've been around each other for more than half our lives, and you go through stuff. Everybody changes...but at the end of the day it's a brotherhood.'
Surprisingly, the on-air fight at a Baltimore radio station in 2008, that many thought was a publicity stunt, WASN'T one of those issues. The guys have no regrets about the incident that was spawned by Woody quitting the group during a reunion interview. In fact, the studio fight actually inspired Keith to approach Dru Hill about the reality show. I wonder if Keith will do the same for r&b boy band Silk who he discovered and took under his wing back in 1993? I still bump their Lose Control and Tonight cds!


Sisqo says the guys are still friends with Woody and that Woody even wrote a couple of new songs (but doesn't appear on any) on the their new album, InDRUpendence which they recorded after putting all that unwanted drama behind them. They claim most of their material on this album is about the experiences they've had with women. 'You got your freaky songs, you got your 'it's a problem right now' songs and you've got your 'it's a real f*cking problem right now' songs,' says Nokio.

Sisqo thinks the album will do well because 'good singing never goes out of style. (Now, that I can agree with him on that!) And as long as radio plays your music, enough people will learn to love it (I don't know about all of that!). It doesn't have as much to do with the actual music, in my personal opinion. You just have a good team to get it out there.'

The group also have plans to release a book, a movie and an energy drink called Dru Hill Jump, in the near future.

Source: S2S magazine


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