1/19/2010 11:22:00 PM

Mystikal's first post-jail interview.

Posted by SouthernGurl

As most of you probably know by now, Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Mystikal, who served 6 years in prison on rape and tax evasion charges was released last Friday. Mystikal called in to Q93 FM for his first interview since leaving jail. Below I posted several excerpts from the interview.
On how he maintained his sanity while in jail: "To be honest, I didn't do nothing. It had to be God. I couldn't do that. When I look at it now it seems like it was easy because it's over with. But going through it was tough. I just had to get out my way and let God handle it for me."

On how he feels about being out of prison: "I'm back! I'm still trying to feel this reality. It almost feels like a dream. For a while, it felt like I was gone so long and all the things I achieved and all the escalades (blogger's note: I'm pretty sure he meant to say accolades) I'd attained, it felt like it was a dream, man. It felt like I had never done that stuff before. But watch how I shake this world up now!"

On other rappers who have been incarcerated and if he feels like hip-hop artists are being targeted: "I don't know, I think we just have to pay more attention to what we doing ourself. It's an easy excuse to say that. But we got to take responsibilities for what we do too. We can't be foolish especially when you're blessed and successful beyond your dreams. Come on, man, we got to tightened up."

On creating mentoring programs for young people: "Definitely. I'mma let them lil knucklehead kids know that that dog that's barking at them, he bit me. I'm going to be doing a lot of positive things and yall gonna see a lot of me. Most artists wouldn't be able to sustain a blow like I took. Six years off the team for most rappers, it would be over. But this gon be the beginning for me. I'm fitna get my reparations. Believe that. WATCH YOURSELF! I'm coming back."

On the events he regrets missing out on because of his incarceration: "Katrina. With Katrina I felt like I could have done so much for my city. I was at the height of my career. I was supposed to be splashing in that water out there. I was supposed to be helping my people. But I couldn't do nothing but look. And Barack Obama. That man got me involved in politics and paying attention and watching the news. I was never into all that stuff like that. But I'm proud of that. Real proud. I wasn't out there but I still felt it. I was with him 100 percent. I couldn't cast one vote, but I was there; heart and spirit all the way.

On my way home to my mama. I gonna hug her and squeeze her. I haven't seen her since I left Hunt three years ago."

On writing songs in jail: "WHAT?! Yall gon see, man. Yall, gonna see. I ain't gonna talk about all that right now, I'm just gon let yall know that I'm back and I love yall and I missed yall and I want to send out all my appreciations to the fans that's been supporting me. Tons and tons of fan mail. Thanks for looking out for me, man."

On Shaq visiting him in jail: "Yeah, he came and peeped in and showed me some love."

"On if he still has a relationship with Master P: Uh, I hadn't talked to him since then. I had talked to C (Murder) when he was at Hunt (correctional facility)."


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