12/23/2009 03:18:00 AM

Tiger Woods Condom; Protect your wood!

Posted by SouthernGurl

Tiger Woods Condom - protect your wood! I literally laughed out loud when I saw this!

The perfect novelty gift for the Tiger Woods fan who shares his idol's love of the ladies too. Just weeks after the World Number One's infidelities were revealed to the world, the Tiger Woods Condom is already on the market. Its makers Practice Safe Policy promise it's "great for driving your balls closer to the hole in fewer strokes" and "approved for swingers". Founder Benjamin Sherman says, "We wanted to offer people something different for the holidays, so we came up with the Special Edition Tiger Condom. They're the Cadillac of protection. What better way to 'drive in' the New Year, than with a Tiger Condom? Tiger condoms will not protect you from car accidents or Swedish super models. Any impression that Tiger Woods has endorsed or used this product with any of his transgressions is purely your own.”

And by buying a Tiger Woods Condom, fans will also be doing a good deed - a portion of the profits from the $3.95 purchase will be donated to golf charities throughout the U.S.A.



John said...

This may turn out to be a bad decision. Who wants protection in the name of Tiger?
Entertainment news has never been this hot.

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