12/28/2009 01:14:00 AM

The Lakers have spoiled brats for fans.

Posted by SouthernGurl

I mean really! Grow the hell up!

After the Cleveland Cavaliers made the defending NBA champions look ordinary on Christmas Day, the Los Angeles Lakers' fans threw up their foam hands in frustration. The Cavaliers beat Los Angeles, 102-87, on Friday in a game that ended with angry Lakers fans throwing dozens of giveaway foam hands onto the court. The Lakers' crowd lost its holiday spirit with 4 minutes 4 seconds left when Lamar Odom's ejection and another technical foul on the Lakers' infuriated bench prompted many fans to throw their pregame presents onto the court. After another foul with 3:45 left, several more foam hands were thrown along with a full water bottle, which skittered between players without hitting anyone.

"I've never seen an L.A. crowd react like this before," said Coach Phil Jackson, whose bench drew a second technical after Odom's ejection for failing to produce a substitute quickly. "I like their enthusiasm. I don't like their demonstrative manner. . . . It wasn't a well-refereed game, it wasn't a very well-played game, so I think it was a reaction to that."




Mina said...

That behavior makes no sense at all. Grown ass people acting like that?! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't watch the video. A damn shame...

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