11/16/2009 04:01:00 AM

T-Pain, Ne-Yo & Lil Wayne Mothers to launch talk show.

Posted by SouthernGurl

T-Pain’s mom Aliyah Najm (left), Lil Wayne’s mom Jocita Carter (middle), and Ne-Yo’s mom Lorraine Smith (right).
Taking a cue from The View, the mothers of Hip-Hop and R&B “greats” T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Go-Go have decided to come together as one to impart wisdom on some of these wayward hoes walking around here. The middle-aged sex kittens are set to produce a pilot soon for television networks. Prepare to clutch your pearls as the threesome breaks down hood fights from World Star Hip Hop and give tips on how to drive the stank out of your kitchen after cooking chitlins. While many Black Americans pop their collars when speaking about President Obama they will need a crash course on accepting the sex appeal oozing from Mama Pain. Her Celebrity Seaborn five star status hair, tatted up hand, velvet pants, and stunting-on-you-hoes posture will have all the kids screaming her name but will surely be frowned down upon by the uppity crowd.

And that’s just the beginning of her problems.

An insider exclusively revealed to us after bible study last week that her Creole status is still up in the air, a problem that could potentially be devastating to her public image. But as long as she is as tough as the skin on her son’s bottom lip she will be just fine. Put her on your prayer list.




Sophia Petrillo said...

Well I know one thing. They mamas look a whole lot better than I ever thought they'd look. A WHOLE LOT! All of them are actually attractive! Imagine that.

Cinny-mon said...

I wouldn't be surprised if BET picked up this mess. Yes, I said a mess because that's what it is. The son of one mother spends his money on stupid ass shit like big ass chains. Another son of another mother knocked up three girls within 2 years and is now on his way to prison. N!ggah, you ain't gangsta! And the other one doesn't know what team he really wants to play for, but while he decides he'd rather play around with them damn Beckys than wit a sista!

Damn they'll give a show to any damn body AND they mama! Literally!

Anonymous said...

this iz not serious

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