11/16/2009 01:47:00 AM

Martin & Jamie's new movie 'Shenehneh & Wanda.'

Posted by SouthernGurl

As if Spike Lee didn't have enough to bitch about. Expect him to show Martin and Jamie the same contempt he showed to Tyler Perry about his Madea character.
According to variety.com, Screen Gems has acquired Sheneneh and Wanda, a vehicle for Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence to star in a comic caper playing female characters they developed during their stand-up comedy days. Foxx will write the script, which he and Martin will produce through Foxx's FoxxKing and Lawrence's Runteldat production banners. The project originated as a parody of a movie trailer for a film called Skank Robbers, which Foxx and Lawrence made for the BET Awards. The reaction was strong enough that the duo decided to turn the concept into a real film. In the comedy, Sheneneh and Wanda are modern-day independent women trying to make it on their own, one bank robbery at a time.

Foxx and Lawrence have long tried to find a vehicle to work together, and Screen Gems' Clint Culpepper is fast tracking the production.

Foxx, who last starred in Law Abiding Citizen, will next be seen in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day. Lawrence will next be seen in the Screen Gems comedy Death at a Funeral.



Anonymous said...

I will not support that madness! I thought since winning that Oscar that Jamie was going to take steps forward...not steps back. Trifling ass!

Feli Kiwi said...

I love it, can't wait!

300 said...

"Gorilla, Skank, big lips, baby momma, domestic violence"... the KKK couldn't have come up with a better script. Great job guys! But ahhh...you might want to excuse yourselves, because your contempt for black women is showing.
What ever it takes to make a dolla, right guys?
Even if it comes at the continued disrespect of your own women.
There are a lot of fella out there who can't wait to get a chance to laugh their heads off at this long lived stereotype of black women. Thanks for giving them the chance to do it in public.

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