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Darius McCrary is the new Malcom Winters on Young & the Restless.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Let me find out I'm over here about to throw a certified bitch-fit something proper-like! The Young & the Restless have cast actor Darius McCrary as the new 'Malcolm Winters'! To this, I say, 'NO SIR!' I don't mean to sound mean (okay, maybe just a little bit) but don't nobody want to see Darius with his shirt off! Or to hear his annoying ass voice! Do yall know how many actors out there could have taken over this role and did it some justice? Hell, just take a look at some of the B.C.M.'s posted on the first page of this blog. I can definitely see actor Timon Kyle Durrett in this role. Although Timon doesn't have an expansive resume like Darius, he's still well-seasoned enough to pick up where Shemar left off. If you saw his performance in Tyler Perry's screen play The Marriage Counselor, you'd know what I'm talking about. But I digress. What's ironic is I knew that there had been a casting call to find another Malcolm Winters, so yesterday I was going to make a post about my wanting Shemar Moore to return to Y&R to reprise his role as the original Malcolm Winters. The reason why I didn't publish the post is because there had been no comment made from Shemar as to rather or not he would even consider taking over the role again.

Enough of my bitching and moaning. Let me get down to the specifics. According to Entertainment Weekly, Darius--who we all know played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters and later became the laughing stock of the urban blogosphere when he hooked up with Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans--has signed a multi-year deal to assume the role beginning Nov. 18. His debut will air on Dec. 29.
“We are thrilled to have the character of Malcolm back on Y&R. Malcolm, Neil Winters’ brother, has always been a catalyst to exciting stories. He’s coming back to town to see his brother and to reunite with his biological daughter, Lily Winters, as she fights for her life. Malcolm is a photographer … someone who lives on the edge and who always pushes the envelope,” according to a statement from Maria Bell, Y&R's co-executive producer/head writer.

Though he left the sudser in 2005 to co-star in Criminal Minds, Moore once entertained the thought of briefly returning to the show that made him a star. His reps could not be reached for comment, but it seems obvious that Moore’s busy schedule (Minds is about to air its 100th episode) – combined with the fact that Bell wanted the Malcolm character back full-time - made it impossible for Moore to return (one insider even said that Moore has been approached before about coming back to the show but it was clear that it wouldn’t work out because of his commitment to Minds).
After reading EW's article while in my right mind--because I spazzed out when I heard about Darius becoming Malcolm--I, now I realize that there was no way Shemar could have returned to the show while still under contract with Criminal Minds. However, it still does not mean that I am not still pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity about Darius getting this role over.... I can't even finish my sentence. I mean really! What do yall see when yall think of Malcolm Winters? No need to answer. I already know.

But in all fairness though, I want to wish Darius much luck in his new role. I'll be the first to tell you that it's going to take me (and others, I'm sure) some time to get use to the new Malcolm Winters. Don't fuck it up because I will blog about it! LOL! Seriously, I will. Nevertheless, you have my support. I guess...

Yeah, my psyche is all messed up right about now.

Quoted Source: Entertainment Weekly


Anonymous said...

Um that Timon dude is real easy on the eyes. Let me go get my Google on!

CHINA DOLL said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lawd why JESUS! Why LAWD. Have yall heard this boy talk? He sounds like a old ASS man. My grand daddy sounds younger than him. AND my GRAND DADDY looks better than him too! This mucks UP my Malcolm Winters fantasy. UGH! He ain't even sexy. Never has been. What were THEY THINKING!

Anonymous said...

i wonder how long it took you 2 find a decent picture of ugmo 2 put up next 2 Shemar. It could not have been easy. Lol!

Oshyn said...

Those writers must want us to stop watching Y & R. For real. Its bad enough you can use one hand to count the number of black people on this show and now instead of hiring some real Malcolm-like eye candy they go and choose fucking Eddie Winslow to take his place?!!

I hope he hold in his stomach when he talk. All that belly he got.

Starrah said...

Okay, so you mean to tell me they found BILLY GOAT GRUFF and gave this role to him! Seriously?

Look. I don't even know the lightskinned dude, Timmy, Tim, Timon, you were talking about in that article but based on his pic alone I'd prefer to see him as Malcolm than Superhead's jumpoff!

Mina said...

Darius face is not the business. SouthernGurl I'm surprised at you. You went real light on him. What's up with that? Yeah you started off hard and whatnot but I wasn't expecting you to soften up at the end of your post. When you go hard, you go all the way. Don't switch up now! LMAO!

And welcome back! I was wondering WHEN, not IF, you were going to start blogging again. I know you stay busy. I almost thought you forgot about your favorite 3 or 4 daily readers! You know I'm just playing with you. Love Ya gurl!

Pissed Off said...

He won't last long. I'm writing a letter to the producers right now to let them know how disgusted I am over this. How they gon from a honey-brown skinned, sexy-as-hell hunk like Shemar to a thang like Darius? Makes no sense. AT ALL! And I intend to tell them that and then some in my letter. They must think we all look alike or something. This fuckery must cease.

Agent Emerald said...

Boris Kodjoe
Timon Kyle
Marcus Patrick
Mike Ealy
Keston Carter
Christian Keyes

None of these guys were available?

Susielyn said...

The Y&R have made horrible choices with the new Mac and now this new Malcolm. They must be getting the cheapest actors they can find. This choice is absolutely terrible. Darius just doesn’t fit.

Anonymous said...

Timon is not only handsome but a wonderful and talented Actor as well!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures a man who loves his mother and looks good is heavenly.

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