10/05/2008 10:45:00 PM

Tyler Perry's 'The Marriage Counselor.'

Posted by SouthernGurl

Scenes from Tyler Perry's latest stageplay The Marriage Counselor starring Tony Grant, Palmer Williams, Timon Kyle Durrett, Tamar Davis, Alltrinna Grayson and Jermaine Sellers.
With the comedic craftsmanship of his amazing talent, Tyler Perry presents different segments that identify the quality of marriage. Roger Jackson (Grant), and his wife Judith ( Davis) the marriage counselor would appear to have the perfect marriage. Roger's father, Floyd (Williams, Jr.) and Judith's mom, T.T. (Grayson) are temporary house guests post Katrina. Judith, the professional Ivy league-educated marriage counselor gives marital advice to couples who are confused and bewildered. However, what about her own marriage? Who can counsel the counselor when she turns to a certain college friend? The surprise elements of this adult-themed production is unpredictable yet very delightful.
If it comes to a city near your town, go see it. You won't regret it.



Mina said...

I'm assuming that Tim dude you were talking about in your other post is the man in the dark gray shirt? If so, oh yes, he is very fine! How tall is he and are those dimples I see on his face?! Let me find out! LOL! LOL!

Lanelle said...

Can you please tell me if Timon Kyle is dating anybody or how I can reach him? Does he have a Myspace, Twitter or facebook account?

HOODCH!CK said...

Wow. I just listened 2 Timon K. on a blog talk radio show & Googled his name after seeing his pic & I was brought 2 this blog so what's up with him Sgurl? best believe I'll b buying a copy of that TPerry play he is in even though i strongly be-lieve Tperry is zesty ass punk!!!!! Imma buy it just to see what this Timon dude is really all about. He is 2 fine & 2 gorgous (i pro'bly spelled that wrong! lol)

I see U got all these pix of Shemar, Laz & Lamman & even punk-ass Terrell. Where's Tim's pix at? I bet u got em saved somewhere & keeping them 2 yourself! I'on blame u though but still u need 2 share cuz I ain't the only 1 asking bout him.


PebblyPooh said...

I came in here to be nosy and to see who this Timon guy is. If he's the dude in the gray shirt in those pictures then I can see what the big fuss is about. He is a cutie.What makes him even cuter is that he's a grown ass man with dimples. That's sexy as hell to me!

I wanna see more pictures too!

Lanelle said...

Damn! I came thinking I was gonna get some info on Mr. Timon! Oh well, I'll wait. I saw him on youtube--I guess he has his own page or channel or whatever. Any way I saw him on youtube. I didn't know what the hell he was talking about but I do know he looked sexy as hell doing it!

Fantasy said...

He is taken Ladies! LOL!

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