9/03/2009 02:03:00 AM

Tyler Perry the talk show host?

Posted by SouthernGurl

He has written, produced and starred in stage plays that have grossed millions of dollars in dvd sales, became a best-selling author, wrote, produced, directed and starred in several blockbuster movies and he even sent a bus load of lil black kids to Disney World after they were denied admittance into a swimming pool at a predominately white country-club. So what's next for Tyler Perry? His own television talk show. In an email sent to everyone (including me, yeah I know) on his mailing list, Tyler wrote the following:
I'm thinking about doing a Talk Show… just once a week... that's it. So I did sort of a test to see if I can do it. It's going to air on September 9th, that's next Wednesday, on TBS at 11:00pm, after HOUSE OF PAYNE and new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS. Pastor Marvin Winans, Gladys Knight, Adam Rodriguez and Taraji P. Henson are all my guests, with a special Mary J. Blige video. So next week check out the show. After you watch it, please go to my message board, if you're still up (LOL), and tell me what you think. Now be honest! Don't have me trying to do a Talk Show and it's terrible, (LOL). Tell me the truth. If I can count on anybody to keep it real with me, you know it's you…(SMILE). I hope you like it.
If you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking, you're probably saying to yourself, 'he's done this talk show thing once before to promote his movie Why Did I Get Married (with the entire cast) back in 2007, so why in the world does he need to 'sort of do a test to see if he can do it'?' Well, yall's guess is about as good as mine. But if this is what tickles his pickle, I say go for what you know, T.P.

If this talk show actually becomes the real thing, I'll bet yall dollars to donuts I know what he'll name it: Tyler Perry Presents the Tyler Perry Show. Am I lying? Yall know how he do!


Ms. KiKi said...

All I can say is WHYYYYYYY Tyler, WHYYYYYYY??? if you really want talk show action on a Wed nite, I know where to send ya! LOL! (& one of the leading men in your play, The Marriage Counselor (Timon Kyle Durrett), is the co-host!


Anonymous said...

If Tyler dont take his ass somewhere and in the words of Madea: sat his ass down somewhere!

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