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Usher finalizes his divorce.

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There's a reason why Usher's looking happier than a fat kid in a grocery store in the pic above. He's once again a single man. (As for Snoop, that's a different post for a different day!) Was I the only one who thought the divorce wouldn't happen this quickly? For a moment I actual believed that Usher was pulling a publicity stunt in an effort to drum up interest in his upcoming album. Damn, he didn't waste any time at all in ending his marriage to her. Wow. What a track record Tameka has: five sons, (four of them under the age of 12), three baby daddies, two divorces and at least one mother-in-law who must be somewhere in Atlanta doing the Stanky Leg happier than a mug!

According to journalist, Jawn Murray of AOL's BV Buzz:
Singer Usher Raymond is officially back to being a bachelor. BV Buzz has learned that the 30-year-old singer’s divorce from his wife, Tameka Foster, has been finalized and an agreement was reached in a pre-court settlement. The camps aren’t talking now – likely preparing to give an exclusive to a media outlet like People magazine – but I hear an official announcement should drop soon. A rep for the singer did not answer a detailed request for comment. Foster’s publicist refuses to issue any statements to BV Buzz. “In the future, please don’t bother us again for direct quotes or responses from Tameka,” a one-named flack identified only as Melody e-mailed last week.

Usher is currently in Paris, France celebrating the end to the two-year marriage.

Double wow at the last two sentences. Someone sounds a wee bit bitter. And I'm betting it has to do with Jawn's entertainment report on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning. Yep. For those of you who don't know, Tameka has been a thorn in Jawn's side for years. He has told her time and time again to leave him alone (on and off of Twitter) and to leave his name out of her mouth and she goes and does the exact opposite. Anytime she goes after bloggers or journalists, she somehow, finds a reason to include Jawn's name or make some sort of implication regarding him in her messiness. He says he has dirt and concrete evidence about how sheisty she really is. Maybe if he called her bluff and blast her ass (that's obviously what she wants), she'd sit down and shut the hell up. But then again, for her, that might be too much like right.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Jawn reported their divorce on TJMS and one of my readers heard it and wrote her own transcript.


From reader GTT:
I was listening to "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" this morning and Jawn Murray (the entertainment reporter for the show) let Tameka HAVE.IT!! He said that the reason that he has become the object of Tameka's venom (she called him a "disreputable journalist") is because the divorce is final and Tameka is desperate to do anything that she can to stay relevant (calling desperate her "emotion of choice"). He said that the divorce is the reason Usher was photographed all over Paris partying it up because he was free. He [Jawn] said that he is no longer going to report on Tameka because he only reports on celebrities and since her scam didn't work out and she is not associated with a celebrity, she no longer matters in her effort to stay famous. He said that when he worked at the NY Daily News, they took a break from reporting on Paris Hilton and E! News took a break on reporting on Spencer and Heidi because they didn't matter, so he is going to take a break on reporting on Tameka since she is no longer married to a star and is in the nobody category.

Jay [Anthony Brown] said "no matter what she does?" and Jawn said "Well, if I decide to release the audio of her calling me and trying to use me as a pawn to set up Usher in the divorce before she had that second child, I might change my mind since it is must hear audio. Or if she decides to have another botched surgery and almost dies, then maybe I'll say something. Or if she finds another victim to give her some more children, maybe then." He said that this is her entertainment funeral today and cougars should be on alert (only if you are forty and over telling Sybil that she might be too young) if they want to get at Usher. Jay said "how many kids should you have?" and Jawn said that since she has five children now, you should have about three children to start and you'll be good to go. He mentioned that her nickname online is Manmeka. He said that she could have been Tracey Edmonds or Kimora Lee but instead she has a botched up belly and nothing to show for it. Finally, he told her that "she should write a book; it worked for Karrine Steffans."

After the entertainment report, Tom mentioned that he sent Tameka Foster some candy and a note knowing that she is going through a difficult time with her very public divorce and all of that drama that comes with it. He said that Tameka's publicist got in touch with him pretty quickly and said basically that he could keep his candy and should call off Jawn Murray. Sybil and Jay started laughing immediately and Jay said "Girl, you better keep that candy because there's no stopping Jawn Murray." Tom said "I'm saying enjoy the candy because we can't call off Jawn. Enjoy the candy."

Here is the link to the "If you missed it . . ." part of the site with the entertainment report. You can click on Jawn Murray's gossip report. The audio garbles a bit a fifteen or twenty seconds into the report, but it gets clearer as the audio goes along.
Thank you so much, GTT! I appreciate it, gurl!


Anonymous said...

usher about to wild out! lol. can't blame him though. i would run away from her tragic ass too.

tameka who? said...

excuse me i didn't mean to post that anonymously. i ain't no punk. usher about to wild out! lol. can't blame him though. i would run away from her tragic ass too.

Anonymous said...

GTT's report was hilarious to read. LUV'd it. I could actually hear Jay Anthonys annoying voice when I read it. Meka-Man gon learn one day that you cant be doing people dirty and expect that shit not to come back to you. You get what you give out.

N/A said...

lol @ Johnetta doing the stanky leg

Lonnie Spargo said...

That's quite a cool way for Usher to move on after two years of unhappy marriage. Ending a relationship in divorce is more than just filing of paperwork. But, is it really a matter of fact that Usher's fans are happy with the separation?

By the way, Snoop Dogg's got the awesome face in the pic!

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