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Laz Alonso is single; new photoshoot.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Okay ladies, I have another Laz Alonso photoshoot for you all and this time it's better and sexier (at least in my opinion) than the last one. I had never received so many emails on any man I have featured on Black Celebrity Men (well, Lamman comes in at a close second) more than I have on Laz! The ladies love themselves some Laz...and looking at him, I can definitely understand why! Well, I have some good news for some of you. Unless he has hooked up with someone within the past two and a half months, Laz is very single and very available...at least according to a recent online interview I read. And yes, I'm late reporting it because I haven't updated this blog in a minute, but that's my bad. Now, if you're a true Laz Alonso fan, you'll melt once you read what he said. The article was mostly about his education, career and what it's like being a Latino living the Black experience. Well, just as sure as my name is SouthernGurl, I skipped through all of that mumbo-jumbo because 1.) I knew most of that information already; and 2.) I knew my readers would only be interested in knowing what's going on in his personal life. Some of yall are so nosy! LOL! Anyhoo, check out the excerpt I pulled from the interview.
LiveSteez: Oh come on! We have to know! Are you single?

Laz: Yes I am single. I've been single since 07.

LiveSteez: Why?

Laz: Well, [pause] um, I'm the type of dude that doesn't want a girlfriend unless I'm madly in love with her. If I'm in a relationship with a woman that I'm not madly in love with, then she's not going to get the Laz that I can give. She's just going to get a diluted version. If I'm not one hundred percent completely in it and head over heels, then I'd rather be single and just wait until I get smashed over the head with that feeling again. I'm not going to be in a relationship for the sake of being in one, you know? When I'm in an intimate relationship, I'm either all in or all out. I don't do half way. That's unfair.

LiveSteez: Hmm, quality vs. quantity for you then?

Laz: Oh, absolutely. When I'm in a relationship or have a girlfriend, she's my best friend. I want to do everything with her. If I'm out having fun without her, I'm mad that she's not there. When I find my other half, that's literally what they are, a part of me and vice versa. I know instantly when I have it, too. I've only felt that way a few times and it's like a tidal wave. I would never not give that to somebody and call myself their man. That, to me, is just a waste of their time and mine.


Laz also talked about his single status to Lossip.com. Let me find out he opened up more to them than he did to Livesteez Lounge!
Laz: You know, I’ve been single since ’07. When I get in a relationship, its basically a long one, you know what I mean? I don’t just jump in and out of relationships because, for me, I’m not going to get into a situation that I’m not 100% head-over-heels invested in. Its something that I can’t fake, I can’t create, I can’t fabricate. When it hits me, it hits me hard and I literally go all in. Forget about it, I want to see her everyday, I want her to be with me everyday, I want to go out with her, I want to eat with her, I want to party with her. Everything that I’m doing I want to include my girl! Its something that, for me, I don’t take lightly. We’re working our way toward marriage. That’s the way I look at it. I take my time. When I’m single, I’m dating people, I see people, because when it hits me over the head, I’m planning on being there for a while and I’m planning on going all in.

I’m in that stage when I’m waiting for it to hit me over the head again. The problem is that people end up dating somebody because they don’t want to be alone, and then they’re taking up that room in their lives. They’re occupying that space that should be left open for the right one. You just need to be patient and take a minute and just chill. That person will come. You just can’t force it. You’ve got to relax and sit back and let it happen, because it will happen.

The girl that I broke up with in ’07, we had an amazing relationship, granted that a big part of relationships is both people being ready for the same thing at the same time. And at the time, she was just out of a very intense relationship, so she wasn’t ready to commit on the level that I was. She still needed her time to decompress from her last situation. So, you know, it didn’t work out but I don’t love in fear. I go all in. If I meet someone that I really feel, and I like it…boom! I’m going in head-first.
Interview excerpts provided by: LiveSteez Lounge and Lossip.com

Lossip.com: Do you have any idea of the type of girl you’d like to be with?

Laz: I try to stay open. If anything, the only thing this girl has got to do is be able to have fun. I love to have fun. I’m not one of those dudes that wants to be all serious and smooth and cool, all Mr. Smooth Guy. Nah, man. I like to have fun. I’m wild. I’m crazy. I like to do a lot active stuff. I’m just a real fun guy. Anybody that knows me will tell you that I’m always cracking jokes. I love to play practical jokes. I need somebody that has a sense of humor and that enjoys that side of me.

Photos provided by F. Holder at HM magazine



I'm am so happy you made this new post. I was wondering when we'd see something new. Lawd, he's such a gorgeous man. I thank his mama and daddy so much for creating him.

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Kitty-Kitty said...

All DAY every DAY. Anything this man is missing he don't need. These pix are better than the last ones that were posted. Don't get me wrong he sexy in all of them but I like this batch the best.


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Love Laz said...

Omg, LAZ I know in my heart that I am the PERFECT GIRL for you. I have the BEST sense of humor. You and I would make the PERFECT couple.

Kate_Spade said...

Yes I agree these pics are way better than the last ones. in these he looks more rugged. Reading how he feels about being relationships has me feeling some type of way. You usually hear us girls talk like that.

Mina said...

Anyone else but me find it strange and kinda creepy that that chick "LOVE LAZ" posted her comment as if Laz is going to actually read it? LOL!

*no offense SouthernGirl*

Anonymous said...

Ladies from what I hear Laz is a big flirt. If you happen to have a twitter account and a picture of yourself--be it ugly or otherwise--in your profile and you send him a twit or tweet (or whatever it's called. I don't know cause Im not into all that Twitting mess) from what I hear he will try to holla at you! That's just what I heard tho.

Somebody try it and see if he'll bite. LOL!

Anonymous said...

He's extremely handsome, and he's got one of the greatest speaking voices on film. I've watched Stomp the Yard dozens of times just for that one scene when Zeke first meets DJ.

Anonymous said...

Gaddamn!!!!!!!! Dude got me shook

Anonymous said...

"What goes around comes around" says Tracy Sipp Stylist of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

He's hot lets see if he still hot next year.

by the way....have you guys featured the Hunk from Real Housewives of Atlanta Tracy Sipp, Stylist and CEO???

Anonymous said...

I wish this man had clones of himself.. he is so damn fine!!!... I love him..lol

Shea Kang said...

Good vibes. Everyday, all day.
imarksweb.net. God Bless :)

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