8/26/2009 12:18:00 PM

Hill Harper & Luda on being 'just friends' with Gabrielle.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Actor Hill Harper and rapper/actor Ludacris have one thing in common: actress Gabrielle Union. It's no secret Gabrielle's relationships with black celebrity men has been the target of some of the most vicious and unfounded rumors that have not only bombarded the blogosphere, but has also motivated the actress into filing a lawsuit against a popular Black blog who has gone above and beyond in their efforts to smear her name. While going through this drama, Gabrielle has 2 of the most successful men in their respective fields in her corner. In separate interviews with Essence.com, both Hill and Luda explained their platonic relationships with Union.
HILL HARPER: Gabrielle Union is one of my best friends. People have always said we've hooked up. We've shared great memories and very difficult times together, but we've never crossed the line of friendship. Men and women can absolutely be friends and that's what we need to be. Part of the problem is that we aren't friends enough. Our relationships are negotiations and that is not friendship.

LUDACRIS: ....And yes, men and women can be friends because Gabby's my friend. (Laughs.) Even if a man is physically and mentally attracted to a woman, if he's respectable he can remain [platonic] with that woman and respect those boundaries.



Anonymous said...

so our most beautiful sexy american ladies are in the friend zone, while african gold diggers only interested in money R considered marriage material. R these negroes crazy????

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