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Michael Jackson's Homegoing Service.

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I don't even know where to start. I am still shell-shocked and in disbelief. If you know me then you know how much his death has affected me. I truly feel like I have lost a member of my own family. It's so hard to believe that he is gone. So hard. Needless to say, my heart goes out to the Jackson family during this time. Speaking of time. As I type this the Jackson clan have left their compound in chauffeur-driven black Rolls Royces, Range Rovers, Bentleys and limousine buses en route to attend Michael's private funeral at the Forest Lawn Mortuary. About 100 people--mostly family members...yall know there are a lot of Jacksons!--will be in attendance. After the private service, the family will be escorted by the California Highway Patrol to the star-studded public memorial at the Staples Center. Contrary to many reports, Michael's body will be either flown in by helicopter (if there is an issue of safety) or escorted by the LAPD Swat Team to the Staples Center. This is history in the making, yall. I'm pretty sure that never again will there be such a huge send-off for such a well-loved celebrity of any kind. Michael is the epitome and the ultimate definition of an icon so he deserves to have such a colossal homegoing service.

Last weekend, when I watched Michael's interview with that sheisty so-called journalist Martin Bashir back in 2003. In one segment of the interview Michael and Bashir were at a store in Las Vegas. When they came stopped in front of an Egyptian coffin, Bashir asked Michael would he ever want to be buried in something like that. Michael said, 'No, I would never want to be buried. I want to live forever.' Just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes because 6 years later, here we are saying good-bye to him. But I digress.

Today Michael's life will be celebrated and memorialized in song, dance and words of remembrance before his body is laid to rest. Don Lemon of CNN said the family will treat Michael's memorial as a funeral for his fans which is why they made the decision to include Michael's body at the arena. For some fans, this is the closest they will get to Michael. Celebrities schedule to perform include: Usher, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, the Andrae Crouch Choir, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder. Lionel Richie will sing 'We Are the World'...the song that made history when it went on to sell over 45 million singles. Proceeds from the sales supported famine in Africa. And Michael's brother Jermaine will reportedly sing 'Smile', one of Michael's favorite songs written by Charlie Chaplin. No word on if there will be a public viewing. I hope not because Lord knows I wouldn't be able to take it. No sir. Let me remember him in my own way. Where Michael's final resting place will be will remain a close-guarded secret.

Don't judge me yall, but when I cry it ain't silent tears. It's audible sobs. I can't help but wonder why his death has hit me so hard. I don't think I've had a decent night's sleep since he passed. And when I am able to get to sleep, I end up having dreams about him. I think it's because I tend to watch him on youtube or get caught up looking at pictures of him before I go to sleep. He's the last thing on my mind before my head hits the pillow. I know when God made Michael, He also knew the day and time He'd take Michael away from us. But it still hurts so bad. The last thing I wanted was for Mike to not have so much negative controversy surrounding his death. Folks harp on the negative and just blatantly ignore all the good things he's done for people. He gave so selflessly. I don't think the word 'stingy' and 'selfish' was ever in his vocabulary. Over time, Michael reached into his pocket and donated over $350 million to various charities. He donated over $25 million to the United Negro College Fund alone. And even in death he is still giving back to his favorite charities.

This will be my last post until later this evening when I will post pictures from the memorial. Today is all about Michael for me. He will have my undivided attention. I plan to celebrate his life, shed some bittersweet tears, rejoice in the legacy he has so selflessly given to us and dance my ass off to my favorite MJ songs!

Real talk.

And check this out: here is a copy of a portion of Michael's will. He signed it on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried. Isn't this something?

And here is Michael's body encased in a gold coffin being carried out of The Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn Cemetery en route to the Staples Center for his public memorial.


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