5/26/2009 02:39:00 PM

No sir, Mr. Sexy Spectacular.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Talk about blowing up the blogosphere something proper like! Sexy Spec of Pretty Ricky posted a youtube clip of the group's newest single, Tipsy In Dis Club. And as a 'bonus' to all of his lady fans, which probably consists mostly of fast-in-the-ass teenage girls, he included what looked like a gay-male stripper's dance. I say that because he started the dance off with a fierce ballerina-like twirl. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this clip posted on LSA last night. Literally! And I ain't gon lie, I had to watch it at least three times to believe that this dude was on filmed himself on camera grinding as if he was a petite female version of Ciara! And can somebody please tell him that cornrows in 2009 is not the business. Looking like a brown lizard wearing red panty-drawls. Real talk. I swear if I see another dude still sporting cornrows in the '09, it's gon be a misunderstanding betwinxt me and him.

Anyhoo, he said he did it for the ladies. Well, sweetie, guess what? We (grown) ladies don't want it. Real talk. Oh yeah, Spec, Riley Freeman has a message for you. CLICK HERE. What's even runnier is the fact that dude pulled his video from his youtube account after being clowned about it...however, by that time folks had already snatched it up and made copies of their own. Not only has his original video been copied, folks have also made spoof video responses to it. Youtube is truly the devil!

Check out my favorite spoofs when you click on the link below!



Anonymous said...

dude will never be able to recover from this. it blew up in his face in the worst way. i wouldnt be surprised if he was kicked out of the group. pleasure p knew what the hell he was doing when he left that lame ass group.

Anonymous said...

This nigga here!

MemMory said...

Foolish FOOL. This epic failure is going to follow him for the rest of his life! And it should!

MemMory said...

Oh and I almost forgot: SG I'mma kick your pretty butt for just now deciding to update this site! Girl, it's been over 6 months! THAT'S HALF OF YEAR! I thought something bad had happened to you! I'm finna email you right now.

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