11/01/2008 02:46:00 AM

Terrell Carter has 'Finally' arrived!

Posted by SouthernGurl

Does he look familiar to you all? It's Terrell Carter. 6 feet 5 inches of pure fineness. He may be a new face in this entertainment industry, but he is one that will be all over television and more movie screens in the future. He honed his acting skills in the Tyler Perry school of acting, with a part in the movie version of Diary of a Mad Black Woman (he played the singing pastor in the final church scene where ol girl's ex-husband gave his life over to the Lord), and costarred in the new DVD release of Perry's stage play What's Done in the Dark as well as the stage production of Perry's Meet the Browns. But the Buffalo, New York, native is not just an actor. Carter is also an accomplished singer and music producer--he's worked with Quincy Jones, P. Diddy and Kirk Franklin--who has released three independent albums and a fourth album entitled Finally, which was released last summer.. With such a fitting album title, Carter is more than ready for his national close-up. "I'm really looking forward to this album because I have songs on here that are amazing. They really define the music side of me," says the 20-something-year old.

His movie fans can catch him in the much talked-about HBO series Zane's The Sex Chronicles which debuted on September 5th. It's a new territory for him, but Carter is sure at least one segment of the population will enjoy it. "The Sex Chronicles is nothing like the Tyler Perry show," says the man whose mother bore him at the tender age of 12. "This is an HBO show that I think the ladies will definitely like."

Below are some of the sexiest photoshoot shots of Terrell I have ever come across! Click on them to see each in its full image. You will not be sorry. Trust. *wink*

Also, Terrell recorded an 'answer' to Rihanna's single Take a Bow. Peep it below. Check out his official Myspace page for more music.




Sophisticated Lady said...

OMG! Do you know how much I lovvvvvvvvvve this man?! Do U? U will never know how much I lovvvvvvvvvve this here man! He is the ONLY reason I tolerate sitting through Tyler's plays. Thank U so much for this blog!!

**Excuse me while I call my cable company to subscribe to HBO**

YoBigSis said...

Yes Sir....This man is whew whew whew...let me catch my damn breath. Lil Sis this makes your blog. dang this man is FINE and GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like.....I like..... I like.......Dammmmmm!!!!!!! It should be a sin to look so DAM good. Pls. don't be gay.

Kat said...

That's all i can say right now! :-O

CARTIER said...


BTW:(Whoever is publishing this blog will U please update it sometime soon? It's been over 7 months!! What kind of blogger doesn't update their blog in over a year?!

Anonymous said...

He is homosexual, according to recent news.

Linwood said...

I have to ask this question-If Terrel Carter is gay, what does it matter?

I will say this, I have always thought that emphasis should be placed on the number of male fans a male celebrity has just as much as emphasis is placed on the number of female fans a male celeb has.

There is no doubt that TC is truly and Phyne and well built man.

If it is true that he's gay, I look at this way, just as whites gay or straight use their celebrity status to advance issues important to their community, will TC do the same?

If so then his being gay takes on a different meaning to me, if not, then his being gay is just like Clarence Thomas being black.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is something wrong with him being gay and claiming to be a man of God. I hope he does not have a reprobated mind if so SAD for him and everyone else who think it is ok. I am not judging because God will truly judge us all.

reejuice said...

Although he's gay, he's still a handsome man. I hope he doesn't stray too far from the positive roles that he's done. Lord bless him.

Anonymous said...

My Baby aint gay, Im a woman he's dating, I know him very well and he isnt gay, he's far from it.It's just that jealous dude making him appear gay. But he absolutely loves women, he really appreciates beauty.

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