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T-Pain talks money problems, losing virginity at age 10.

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Tallahassee native T-Pain (real name Faheem Najm) says his bank account has put a strain on his relationship with his family. T-Pain voiced his wealth woes in a feature story in Blender magazine. “Now my dad asks for money every time I talk to him, and that’s just weird. He and I used to get along fantastic — until all the dollar signs. My whole family, man, they see what they see and they automatically ask for stuff. It ain’t a problem except when they ask for sh*t they don’t need. I bought my mom a house and a Porsche truck. I bought my sister a Buick truck. I gave my dad $20,000. I didn’t even feel that one. But he asked for more, like, two days later. It got to the point where he straight up said, ‘Gimme $250,000 and you don’t have to worry about me no more.’ Like, what the f*ck? That’s a payoff for your dad. God d@mn.”

Mo money, more problems at its finest, right? Other folks he keeps paid are strippers. These days, T-Pain’s strip-club visits are less of a contact sport. “I’ll be at a club, just surrounded by ho’s, and I’ll literally call my wife, like, ‘I’m so, so happy I married you.’” He got married at 18 (he proposed in a Bennigan’s), and he has two children with his wife, Amber: daughter Lyriq, 4, and son Muzyq, 1. T-Pain paints a lively picture of domestic bliss: “My wife and I download pornos together,” he says. “She goes with me to strip clubs. She’ll be tipping bitches and everything.” His marriage helps him to put the surreal life into perspective, and it helps him to keep sight of Faheem Najm when he’s recording as T-Pain. One of the funniest moments on his new album Thr33 Ringz comes on the song Therapy, where a narrator tells an unloving woman, I don’t need your sex, I’ll masturbate. “See, that line comes straight out of my life!” he says. “I’m married, and I jerk off all the time. Some R&B singers act like they getting sex every night. T-Pain is here to tell you: Ain’t no one getting sex every night!”

I guess he's slacked off of sex since his younger years. Recently T-Pain revealed to Spin magazine too much information about the first time he popped some poor girl's cherry. "I've had a lot of sexual experience in my life. A whole lot. I lost my virginity when I was 10. That helped me out a lot… I had a lot of older brothers, and they had pornos, so I kinda knew what I was doing already. Of course, when it came to girls,” T-Pain adds, “it didn’t hurt that I have a gigantic penis!”


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