10/10/2008 11:45:00 AM

Guess who's having twins again?

Posted by SouthernGurl

Could a second set of twins convince Diddy to finally wife up his baby mama Kim Porter? Or has actress Holly Robinson-Peete and her hubby Rodney gone back on their word after they vowed that they had no plans whatsoever about adding a fifth and sixth child into their beautiful brood? Or is there a one in million chance that maybe The Game's Coby Bell and his wifey will soon welcome another adorable set of twins into their lives?

Well one of the Celebrity Black Men pictured below is expecting another set of twins with their significant other. Can you guess who?


If you guessed The Game's star Coby Bell, you guessed right. 33-year-old Coby and his wife Avis, who already have an adorable set of 5-year-old twin daughters, Jaena and Serrae are expecting another set of twins pretty soon. Just think, if the new set of twins are girls, Coby will have his own mini cheerleading squad!

Congratulations to the couple!

In related news, if you ever wondered how Coby, who plays the ever so frugal pro-baller Jason Pitts on The CW comedy, keeps his body so damn toned up, it's because he takes the natural route unlike the character he plays who, last season, buffed up on steroids to maintain his starting position and keep up with the rookies on The Sabers football team. The 6'3" actor grew up in Orange County, so he is no stranger to the outdoors. But these days, with his hectic work schedule, a set of twins and like I mentioned above, another set of twins on the way, his only way of getting a productive workout is in the garage of his home. Coby says his workout regimen includes basic sit-ups, curls and push-ups while his diet (healthy, of course) includes oatmeal (ugh!!) and salads. Coby also says his laid-back approach fits his attitude toward life and celebrity. "If you get too caught up in the way you look, what happens when you get older and looks fade?' You've got to dig yourself for yourself, not for how you look.'


Mommy2Be said...

Well who it is?!!

Anonymous said...

Coby is such a cutie. His wife is a lucky ass lady!

Sane said...

Oh how cool!!! Coby is so fine! I bet his daughters are jus' dolls.

SouthernGurl said...

Sane, did you click the link to see a picture of him and his girls? If not, here it is.


They are too adorable!!

Nicole said...

Pooch hall is so cute to me I love him in the Game Now he is one of my favortie actors on there. I hope they come out with a new seson but I just hope that happens. Now I would love to be one of his pen pals for real hes the best I think so .

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