Big news for those of you who enjoyed watching Ice Cube's and Ali LeRoi's Are We There Yet? sitcom starring Terry Crews and Essence Atkins. Personally, I just could never get into it no matter how hard I tried...and I really tried. After watching him co-star alongside Tichina Arnold for four years on Everybody Hates Chris (which was also co-created and executive produced by Ali), I just couldn't grasp the concept of watching him play husband to Essence. I never saw any chemistry between the two. As a matter of fact, the only time I laughed was when Ice Cube would make a cameo appearance. Anyway, for all you fans, don't fret. The show hasn't been canceled. According to, the top brass at TBS are in the last stages of finalizing a deal to order, get this, 90 more episodes. During its trial 10-episode run, the show averaged an 1.9 rating. Apparently as far as TBS is concerned a rating of 2.0 would automatically get a show renewed for more episodes. And even though AWTY's rating was just shy of that, they still gave the show a green light to return. So, kudos to them. Once those episodes are taped and aired, there's also buzz about taking the show into syndication a la Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Meet the Browns will likely go into syndication next.

Let me find out TBS is trying to become the new millennium version of the WB and UPN! Because whether we want to admit it or not, right about now, with the airing of House of Payne, Meet the Browns, Are We There Yet? and that little mini-sode thingy called My Manny (I can't get into that either!), TBS is the only network currently airing multiple Black least until B.E.T. get up off their tails and start airing new episodes of The Game. Production is supposed to start later this year. B.E.T. is also bringing actress Tracee Ellis Ross back to the small screen in a new original comedy series called Reed Between the Lines. The sitcom centers around Dr. Carla Reed (played by Ross), a busy psychiatrist, wife and mom struggling to balance her job and her happy but chaotic homelife. The show began production this week.

Below are pics of Terry and Essence visiting the Essence magazine offices in New York City a few months ago.


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