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Idris Elba covers Ebony magazine's 'Summer's Sexiest' issue.

Posted by SouthernGurl

You know his face and that unforgettable name: Idris Elba. And this summer when his handsome face is plastered on the big screen of your nearest theater, if you're like me, for the first time ever you'll hear him speak in his real East London accent in his new movie Takers (in theaters August 27; the movie also co-stars Michael Ealy, T.I., Chris Brown and Steve Harris.)

Until then check out photos of Idris as he covers Ebony magazine's Summer Sexiest issue. Unsurprisingly, Idris tops the Top 10 list (that also includes Mehcad Brooks, Jesse Williams and Drake) for obvious reasons. In case you've been living under a rock or a in a cave, allow us to tell you a bit about Mr. Elba. If he were a chick, he'd be a vixen. If the gene pool were the lotto, he'd be the $300-million prize. He's a daddy, a divorce' and a good and grown 37. He keeps his private life and girlfriend drama out of the limelight...and that's always a good look!

But what's coming for him could possibly be more exciting than what is behind. He's caused quite a stir by accepting the role as Norse deity Heimdell in 2011's big-budget flick Thor. Heimdell's never been black before; that's proof positive that Idris has superhuman Jedi-like powers that turn casting directors into colorblind geniuses. The movie will likely be his best crossover role to date. And that's a good look too!


Source: Ebony magazine


FamuDiva said...

If there is anything Idris is missing--he don't need it! Too fine for words. His chick don't know how lucky she is!

KappaChino said...

FDiva you and Lamman broke up? LOL! When did you start crushing on Idris like that? LOL!

FamuDiva said...

Shush your face KC!

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