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Morris Chestnut on love, marriage, monogamy and fatherhood.

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The oh-so-beautiful Morris Chestnut sat down with Sister 2 Sister magazine and spilled details about his personal life. In the interview he discussed how he met his wife, being a father an his longevity in the entertainment business.

Peep the excerpts from the article below.
MORRIS ON HOW HE MET & FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE: We met in a club. I was doing something in Atlanta and at the time it was Deion Sanders, Ron Grant and a dude named Tiny Lister (Deebo from Friday). I was doing a tv movie out there and I went to the club. Tiny was living in Atlanta. he knew the ins and outs of the city, and he was just like, Mr. Atlanta. We were hanging out in the club and he told me about this chick, that chick, whatever. Then I saw Pam, who is my wife, and I said, 'What's up with her?'He said, 'Nah, man, don't waste your time. She don't give anybody no play.' So as soon as he said that, I was like, 'That's the woman I need to go holler at.' One of the things that made me truly realize that I wanted her to be my wife is the way she was. She has three older sisters and they have kids. Her nephew was very young at the time, and when we were dating I would see the way she was with kids. I've always thought that she was a good person and attractive and all that, but one of the primary reasons why I wanted her to be my wife was because I knew that she would be an excellent mother to my kids.

MORRIS ON HOW HIS WIFE FEELS ABOUT HIS ONSCREEN LOVE SCENES: She knows that she is number one to me. She's very secure and comfortable in our marriage.

MORRIS ON RAISING & DISCIPLINING HIS CHILDREN: Just in general, I always tell them when I drop them off to school to be smart and be good people. I have a son and a daughter. My son is 12 and my daughter will be 11 this month. From an early age I would always teach my son, 'I don't care what your sister does, you never hit a woman.' It took a while because kids are kids. But, 'Never, ever, hit a woman. I don't care if she does it, you always come tell me.' I've never hit my daughter. My daughter worries about her mother before me. I'm a strong disciplinarian, and they always know certain things are going to get a 'no' from me. But when they know they've done something wrong they don't want to feel the wrath of their mother.

MORRIS ON IF HE THINKS MEN CAN BE MONOGAMOUS: Yes, I definitely think me can be monogamous. It's up to the individual and what they've done through their life. Two of my closest friends never cheated on their wives, but their wives cheated on them. Most of them understand where I'm coming from. One of my good friends, he's always on the scene. But when he wants to have a solid relationship with a woman who he respects and he can have a conversation with and just have a good time together, he doesn't have that.

MORRIS ON HIS LONGEVITY AS AN ACTOR: A method actor is basically someone who feels they have to go through it and live it to be able to re-create it. With me, no. A lot of actors may put on some type of front or some type of facade, but in my experience, when you really know actors, the most brilliant ones are the most--how can I say it? I don't want to say mentally imbalanced, but the most brilliant ones have a little something missing. That's why when you hear stories about actors causing all this turmoil on sets and everything, when they get to set, they want everybody else to be insecure because they are insecure. They want to cause all these problems and that really brings out their best work. It's interesting how that is. I have never been that type. That's one of the reasons why I've been here so long. I come to work everyday on time, know my lines, have everything down, don't cause problems and we keep it moving.
In other news, Morris and his production partner Haven Mitchell are developing a romantic comedy sitcom by the name of Ring My Bell. The two are developing the show under their shingle Dark Skin Productions, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Mitchell has written the project, which he and Chestnut would produce with Veronica Nichols and Tri- Destined partner N.D. Brown.


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DonnaM said...

Prayerfully you guys are still together loving, respecting, adoring one another and most importantly guarding your children's heart. My heartfelt message to both you and your wife is that you give other's desiring a relationship hope of family and love.

For that reason, I thank you.

Ms. Ladona M.

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