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Teddy Riley: 'I would never beat my kids.'; releases statement.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Teddy Riley has released a statement regarding the physical attack he allegedly placed upon his two daughters, Deja and Taja. Teddy blames himself for spoiling his girls rotten and giving them everything they've ever asked for. He said he feels as if he's been taken advantage of and that he will not continue to let his own children disrespect him in his home. What I wanna know is where are these girl's mother?

Read the complete statement below.
Due to recent events, I am compelled to respond in detail to accusations made against me, by my daughters. I love my Daughters, but I will not allow my children to disrespect me in my home. Contrary to what I have been accused of, I would never beat my children. Perhaps, I should have been a stronger disciplinarian as they were growing up. I worked very hard so that my children would want for nothing. In hindsight, I see that it was a mistake to give them everything they wanted so that they could have the childhood I never had. Unfortunately, they have taken me, and the privileged life I have given them, completely for granted.

Instead of being appreciative and realizing how fortunate they are, my children have an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation without having to work or earn their way.

However, my 'children' are no longer children, they are adults and I am trying to instill in them values and a work ethic of their own. My mother always told me "too many grown people can't live in one house" so I encourage them to have their own homes if they cannot abide by the rules of mine. I am not an uptight Dad, I am as hip as they come but I will not tolerate being taken advantage of or disrespected, especially in my home. I've been working since the age of 14, I bought my first car by myself. Nobody gave me a car. My kids don't even remember their first car. I grew up with 6 of us in an apartment fighting over one bathroom. My kids have never had to share a bathroom, let alone a bedroom.

I'm asking everyone to let this one go... I'm only being a good parent. I'm a great father and everyone who knows me, knows this is true.

Thank you so much,

With all my love,
Teddy Riley

Here are tweets between Teddy (before he deleted his Twitter account) and his daughter Taja after the incident.

Hmm, it looks like Teddy had contradicted himself. In his statement he says hen ever beat his kids, but on his defunct Twitter page he says 'don't disrespect the hand that feeds you or it will slap you in the face.'


Anonymous said...

His daughter looks like a mix of Bobbi Kristina and that Boom Boom Kat lady from Making the Band.

Tyree said...

the way they are airing their dirty laundry in public is despicable! then he blatantly admits that he did what they're accusing him of. that's probbably the reason why he deleted his account. When we thses celebs learn to leave this Twitter shit alone?

Anonymous said...

Teddy was wrong on how he handled this. After searching other sites, the story is coming out that this young woman (and her sister) was being disrespectful to Teddy's girlfriend. Other comments (if they are true) says that Teddy's daughter has a history of unruly behavior, every thing from stealing from both her parents, to being violent towards Teddy's younger children. She must have been a handfull for a long time and he finally snapped. Still that was stupid of him to beat her like that, and then put it on twitter. If your grown kids are disrespectful to you just kick them out the house or cut them off financially, that would wake their a$$ up.

7666 said...

As for their mother I recall hearing that Teddy had custody of his children, wondering if this now 18 year old was one of these. A man seeking and ultimately getting custody over the mother is somewhat telling to me(mama may be no help), if she's bucking up, being disrespectful and possibly being violent, well isn't Teddy somewhat short (just my take) maybe this wilding young female w/sib made him feel threatened and if your child makes you feel like that, well it's on, no matter what the damn gender!!! Now that she has a RO on him, let her see how she's going to take care of her self.

Mina said...

He should have just put them out of his house. Point blank.

SheSoSouthern said...

Speaking as a parent of a grown daughter. I would like to consider myself old school but you don't discipline a grown azz person. If this is true, then he azzaulted his daughters. If they get too big for the britches and refuse to show respect then you show them the door. You don't beat on them. Now he's facing possible jail time and maybe a lawsuit. Now go tweet on that...yep, yep.

Hmph! said...

these freak'n kids will take you there. I have a 15 year old and will hit his azz with a chair if warranted. Trust, that chick did something that was over the top and a beat down was due! Unless you got a backtawk'n, disrespectful, do what they wanna do and not what they suppose to do teenager in your house, you ain't got a clue. I have rolled up on my son car tires screeching, jumped out with a stick and commensed to beating that azz for having a weed plant in my house and dared a cop or anybody else to stop me. That generation ain't no joke. I'm not a bad parent and just ain't no pushover either.

MsDoolittle said...

LMAO @ him telling everybody to let this go! N!ggah please!

Dovey said...

if you reach for the first thing you see and commence to whailing on a CHILD, your own flesh and blood who most likely just mouthed and not raised a hand to hit/hit you, you're out of control and nobody should make you lose control like that. NOBODY. And on top of that, Teddy, you hit A GIRL... your daughter, who will NEVER have the same muscle mass as you. Punk move.

Mr. Man said...

Dovey, your argument about her being a girl and less muscle mass is a weak one! I know plenty women who love it when men think like that and would take that opportunity to beat the crap out of them. Case and point -over a year ago here on the New York subway a pack four black young girls beat the living crap out of one white dude because he refused to fight them back BECAUSE they were young women. They slaughtered homeboy... (not literally). Now I don't advocate beating women on any level whatsover, but I think the moment a women tries to physically hurt a man she forfeits all her rights of protection and is suddenly subject to a beat down. Maybe Teddy should have found a better way, but we don't know if he tried that already or how many times he tried to appeal to their senses. Man, I'm not willing to take her side so easily because she's female; she's definitely acting lady-like. She sounds like she's off da chain! It was a punk move on her behalf the moment she decided to disrespect him repeatedly after raising her-financially supporting her, etc.

Dovey said...

Mr. Man: I shall be VERY CLEAR with you: I do not, under any circumstances, advocate that people should violently put their hands on one another. Also, please avoid misinterpreting my comment about the differential physicalities of men and women to read as if women have the right/privilege/permission to hit on me. That is neither what I said nor what I meant. I do stand by my statement that Teddy made a punk move when he used a guitar to a$$ault his own flesh and blood and this daughter may have not received the proper home training or there are some mental/emotional issues going on. I repeat that Teddy should not allow anyone, including his own child, to drive him out of control that way, or, if he was in complete control and knew exactly what he was doing when he took a guitar to hit on another person, he needs to be held responsible for his actions.

Mr. Man said...

Dovey, it's clear we're going to have to agree to disgree on this one. I'm sure this won't be the last time either... it is what it is. I just get irritated when I hear women talk about a physical altercation between a man and women and automatically assume the man is wrong. And it seems that no matter what the circumstances that lead up to that incident the woman's involvement is ALWAYS downplayed. This world is filled with violent women as welll as men who will throw the first punch without hesitation. I'm not saying this is what your argument is, Dovey, but I'm just saying.

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