12/11/2009 12:18:00 AM

T-Pain blasted by former group members of the Nappy Headz.

Posted by SouthernGurl

UT-OH! T-Pain's former Nappy Headz group members and childhood friends are accusing him of reneging on a pact the group once made and turning his back on them in a new documentary called The Untold Story: Nappy Headz. What I can't seem to figure out is how I'm just now hearing about this when I live in the same city as these dudes. Talk about continually being tardy to the damn party. But I digress. The documentary examines what the former group members consider the real story of the Tallahassee, Florida group, who gained some shine in the South, years before Pain branched out and began his solo rapping career. But we have to remember, there's two sides to every story...although I personally believe there's three: theirs, his and the truth. According to the doc, the group originally disbanded with the intention to gain exposure as solo artists, then loop in the rest of the group once one of them had secured a record deal. One member said, 'Soon as we made a pact, it's like, whoever the first person that make it dawg, we gon take the whole group. We'd go into the studio to work as a group, but he didn't want to do nothing. But the next day, we come back to the studio and he got two or three songs by himself. He was on to something. Then he just left. There hasn't been one time since he's been on that major status that he been back. Not once.' Needless to say, after signing with Akon's Konvict Muzik, Pain went on to release three solo albums, with a fourth titled Revolver on the horizon, without a mention of the Nappy Headz to be found. Damn, T! It was like that? LOL! However, another insider says T-Pain only called upon his former band mates whenever he made a trip back home to perform for the locals. 'The f-cked sh*t is when he come home, he use them cause he know he can't go on the stage at the Civic Center or he can't go on stage at the Moon and perform and you ain't got these n*ggers with you.'


'It had to be a Nappy Headz for them to know T-Pain. How far would he have got, if it wasn't for the group? I'm just disappointed in the way he let the success get to him,' another member of the group says in the film. The doc features Florida legends like TJ Chapman of TJ's DJ's, and Shaheed Najm, Pain's estranged father and former Nappy Headz manager. Najm previously criticized his son for allegedly turning his back on his groupmates and family for Akon, whom he called a "bad muslim," and "con artist."

Pain has yet to comment on the film, or his father's allegations. To check out a trailer for The Untold Story: Nappy Headz, or purchase the DVD, click here.

Do you all think the guys should just shut the hell up and stop whining about something they can't change or does T-Pain really owe his former childhood friends an explanation as to why he left them hanging...even if it is rather obvious?



Yeah, I Said It! And what?! said...

They all need to shut up. Ugly selves. Why bring up this stuff now? T-Pain has had several successful albums. He's doing something right. Where are these cats now and what are they doing besides trying to get another come up at the expense of TPain? Ain't nothing worse than a bunch of grown ass men bitching like lil females.

Joe Wood said...

If they made a pact T pain at least owe them some sort of explanation. It's the least he could do. he's known thees boys since childhood.

But then again these niggas saw it coming when he was writing his own songs while still in the group. I guess their elevators don't go all the way up because any one could have seen that he was slowly detaching himself from them.

REA$$URED said...

What he did was trife and bitchass. And he ain't no real nigga. If the dread was on another head he would be moaning and groaning about being left behind too. FRAUD! Even Nelly kept his word to his boys and went back and put them on. Whatever happened to Murphy Lee anyway?

Anonymous said...

seriously how much money they think they gonna make by trying to sell this video. wont they have to split the profits in three or four ways? or are they more concerned with tainting tpain name and brand? what's really real?

X_marxdaspot said...

Um to the person who posted above me. What you mean taint his name or brand? Bwahahaha!!!! He been done tainted his own name and brand when he had a child out of wedlock then tried to play his bm by offering her a sorry ass 2gs a month in child support. This the same basic ass nigga who went around around bragging about spending 400 thousand gs on a big ugly ass chain! and on top of all of that he can't sing and he ugly as hell. I done seen his mama and his daddy and still dont understand how he turned out as ugly as he did.

Agent Emerald said...

All I want to know is who came up with that bama ass Nappy Heads name! I mean the name fits but its still bammafied

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