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Mike Epps response on being dropped from Richard Pryor bio-pic.

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Marlon Wayans was spotted leaving Mr. Chows recently. Dude has been keeping himself busy lately. He showed his superhero skills in G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra which was released last summer. He and his brother, Shawn, are penning the sequel to White Chicks, which will be directed by their big brother Keenen, of course. Marlon's has also been tapped to star in Richard Pryor's biopic aptly titled, Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?, which is expected to hit cinemas in 2011. Comedian Mike Epps was originally given first dibs on the movie, but when producers found out Eddie Murphy was interested in starring in the role, Mike Epps was dropped. Soon after, Eddie bowed out when the directors wouldn't give in to his demands. Marlon eventually landed the role after wowing the producers with a 13-minute test where he "transforms into Pryor." Viewers can expect the film to explore Pryor's struggle with drugs and his controversial approach to comedy.

Another reason why Mike was dropped from the film is because of Pryor's widow, Jennifer's utter disgust for the comedian. I don't know what Mike did or said to her, but whatever it was had ol' girl feeling some type of way. Back in October, she unleashed her fury on Epps online. I have never seen/heard a white lady go off like she did. This really is sad. Personally, I thought Mike was the better choice for this film. Maybe Marlon can pull it off. If Jamie could become Ray Charles...
He got his ass so fired from me and Richard Pryor project and now he is trying to go around talking sh*t, saying he’s doing the Richard Pryor project…motherf*cker better watch his punk, country ass…it’s gonna get royally sued if he wants to play this game! My lawyers are ready and waiting!!! He said at Richard’s funeral: “I don’t know Richard…” That was the only honest moment and thing that came out of this punkass’s mouth…he doesn’t have a clue who Richard is or was, never will….Richard didn’t like you…you knew it too. I tried to make you feel better…”oh yeah, he likes you Mike” but he couldn’t stand your fake ass…your step and fetch it, higher than a kite, insincere sh*t you’d come up with…nothing original ever…Richard would look right through you and spot you for the country ass no talent bitch you are…

He’s so pissed at me he can’t see straight…yeah Mike…remember what you said to me: “IT’S SO HARD TO LISTEN TO YOU TALK ABOUT RICHARD BECAUSE YOU’RE A WHITE WOMAN…” That right there, says it all….youse nothing but a damn racist who doesn’t have a clue who Richard is, what he stands for: you’re just a wannabe cunt who has a small brain and a tin heart.

Watch Mike do his to avoid answering the question as to why he's not starring in the film. It start around 1:53.


He’s so desperate, ain’t nothin and I mean nothin goin on in that poor bitches’ career except now he’s trying to catch a ride on Richard’s coattails…Motherf*cker is a rotten unf*cking funny comic and as an actor is a sad imitation of Pauly Shore. Ain’t got no chops, no where…And now the motherf*cker hanging on tight to what might have been if God has given him any part of any talent…


Dalene said...

Mike is a damn fool! LMAO! He skated all around that question!

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