8/26/2009 04:57:00 AM

T.O. on why his women don't wear headscarves.

Posted by SouthernGurl

NFL player Terrell Owens opened up to Essence.com about his new reality show, 'The T.O. Show', which I have the hardest time watching. I swear. I think it has a lot to do with his 'bama accent (it grates my nerves LOL!) and the notion that at times (and in certain 'scenes' except for the one with him and his grandmama) it comes off as being a bit scripted, which he vehemently denies. I don't know why it's so hard for celebrities with these reality shows to refuse to acknowledge that their shows are 100% 'real' and unscripted. Anyway, as I read his interview, I noticed that he really tried to make it a point to let everyone know that he loves Black woman....although he doesn't date us exclusively. I said to myself, 'T.O., of course you love Black woman, because, needless to say, it was a Black woman who raised you.' But we also know...well, yall know what we know. I'm just saying. Whatever tickles your pickle, hunny. It is what it is...I guess. Anyhoo, here's how he explained it to Essence:
.....Black women I do love you. Honestly, if I were to reveal the Black females I've dated, the women who are accusing me of that would be surprised. I've had a lot of Black women hit me up on Twitter accusing me of not liking my own kind and all I have to say is that they are thinking too much. These women don't know me like that to have something negative to say about the women I date. Perhaps I have a certain type of woman that I like and a preference and I shouldn't be faulted for that. And for the record, I'm very familiar with headscarves because my grandmother wore them. I was just saying to Kiya that the women I date don't wear them because it's the truth. If I'm dating a Black woman and we hang out it doesn't mean she's sleeping over, so I might never see her in a headscarf. Again, I think some women are thinking too much about this because I love Black women.

As for the rumblings about his show being totally scripted, click the link below to read what he had to say:
It ticks me off when people try to say that my show is scripted. What I went through with my grandmother that wasn't easy for me because she is my everything and I'd do anything for her. I'd sit behind bars for her with all that she's done for me and helped me gain so much on and off the field. I was truly overwhelmed. I didn't see cameras because there was nothing but pure love there. All I saw was my grandmother and her telling me about different things in life and I saw me as young boy with my grandmother. I know when my grandmother said everything was going to be fine that that was God's confirmation through her to let me know keep moving on because He's all powerful. So no matter what my critics say, this show is far from fake.


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