8/26/2009 03:07:00 PM

Broke Jermaine Jackson shops for million dollar condos.

Posted by SouthernGurl

This sheisty dog, here! Can I tell yall why I'm mad? I found these candids of Michael's brother JerPain(in the ass) a.k.a. Jermaine and his latest wife shopping for million dollar condos the other day. What for? His ass ain't got no job. It was just two years ago when he told a judge, who was about to put him behind bars for non-payment of child support for that football team of kids he has, that he only made $10,000 in 2007. How'd he go from living in his mama house to shopping for condos? Yeah, I'm feeling some type of way about ol dude. And to say he is not one of my favorite people would be a gross understatement.

I also refer to him as JerManiac because his ass has been completely out of control since Michael's death. If you want to know the real deal and all the sheisty things JerMonkey did to his baby brother, I suggest you read JerInsane's common-law wife's (Margaret Maldonado) book Jackson Family Values. He has appeared on Larry King Live about 5 times talking about his 'existence is now dedicated to spreading Michael’s message.' Man, please. I do not need you to help me remember what Michael's purpose in life was. Real talk. Jer-Greasy is the same dude who wrote that filthy song about his own brother in hopes that he would tarnish and destroy his image....all because Michael wasn't returning his phone calls. Years later, after Michael pulled rank and got the song yanked off the airwaves, Jermaine carried on in his quest to ruin Michael again when he began writing a tell-all book that did what? Bash Michael.

Just trifling. Now do yall understand why JerMooch-A-lot talked until he was blue in the face about wanting Michael to be buried at Neverland? So that he could profit off his brother's death and possibly even dance on top of his grave at his convenience. Dude would do anything to live off of other people! Michael's memory and legacy is going to live on forever...even after Jermaine is dead and gone.




nightshift said...

isn't this the same max-head-room-muther-fvcker that's been claiming he was broke?? I'm starting to think THEY killed Mike.

Stone said...

See this the sh*t im talking about before June 25th this Mo-Fo didnt have a pot to p*ss in now he's out looking at million dollar condo's they already spenting M J's money.

Anonymous said...

Damn Jermaine. Now that you countin yo brutha dollahs in a quest to live the high life again, BE SURE to get a hair makeover! You gotta do somethin wit dat nasty black pasty glued to the side of your head look! I know you cain't comb dat shyt! He must wear a doo rag erry night and get up and go! His hair looks turrible.

Rad said...

STONE, you beat me to the punch. I was thinking, did Jermaine marry a rich woman, or is he anticipating the money he's going to make off his brother's death. Before June 25, 2009, Jermaine, and all the other Jackson siblings, with the exception of Janet, lived in relative obscurity. Now Gumby is front and center, counting MJ's money. McNasty, I recall recently reading on a EUR board that Jermaine is now married to a Muslim sister.

Anonymous said...

Well Jermaine is Muslim...but he doesn't seem to be a very good one.

Anonymous said...

Personally I believe Jermaine to be BiPolar & Manic Depressive just like the rest of the family. [What he did in with his brother's ex wife & having 2 kids is just NASTY.. Can't believe her self esteem is that low either. ]
Jermaine probably is Janet's gopher. He don't need a JOB with employment like that which doesn't have a W-2. Even though he has Spray on hair & a Jeri Curl, I believe some of reporter folks are JEALOUS.. He is working the angles and your not. Doubt real seriously if any of them get a job as long as Janet keep working. She will gain the most if she keeps her touch...& keeps Dupri from making records for her.

Anonymous said...

You'd think after what happened to michael when he shunned his own black american people in favor of 3rd world africans and caribbeans he knew nothing about, that they'd learn a lesson and come home to their black american christian community. But it seems that all of them have to perish at the hand of 3rd world gold diggers before they wake up.

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