6/25/2009 09:06:00 PM

Michael Jackson dead at 50.

Posted by SouthernGurl

More information, or should I say speculation, has surfaced regarding the sudden death of Michael Jackson who passed away on Thursday afternoon from cardiac arrest after medical officials tried for over an hour to resuscitate him. According to the latest reports, Brian Oxman, a former spokesperson for the Jackson family has made claims stating that Michael's death was most likely due to an overdose of Demerol (a extremely strong narcotic painkiller) which was administered to the star on a daily basis by his doctor for dance-related injuries. The lawyer also said that he had warned folks in Michael's camp of the dangers and possible grim outcome if the singer continued abusing drugs. "I had warned everyone that I could warn and I told them that one day, Michael Jackson is going to wake up dead, which is a very odd way of putting it," Oxman said. "I said one day, we're going to have this experience. And when Anna Nicole Smith passed away, I said we cannot have this kind of thing with Michael Jackson. The result was, I warned everyone, and lo and behold, here we are. I don't know what caused his death. But I feared this day, and here we are. I do not want to point fingers at anyone because I want to hear what the toxicology report says and the coroner says but the plain fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal at all times," he said. An autopsy was performed today and the coroner said determining the cause of Michael's death will require further neuropathology and pulmonary tests that will take four to six weeks. He went on to say that although Jackson was taking some unspecified prescription medications, there were no signs of foul play or trauma to the body during the three-hour autopsy.
Michael's body will be released once the family selects a mortuary.

In other news, Michael's doctor, who is alleged to have supplied the fatal dose to Michael at around 11:30 Thursday morning, has gone ghost and LAPD have impounded his car claiming there may be drugs or other medications that could assist the coroner in determining the cause of death.

As for Michael's three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II will most likely placed in the supervision of Michael's mother, Katherine. The mother of two of his kids signed away her parental rights to the children after their birth. No word on if she plans on returning to claim the kids.



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