5/27/2009 11:23:00 PM

Damon Wayans Jr. photoshoot.

Posted by SouthernGurl

One of the many, many, many offspring of the first family of comedy is featured in a recent issue of HM magazine. It's Damon's son, Damon Jr., who made his big screen starring debut in Dance Flick which is in theaters now...and yall it's funny as hell. Once again the Wayans didn't disappoint me! He stars alongside his uncles Shawn and Marlon and his aunt Kim. Damon Jr.'s cousin, Damien Dante Wayans directed the film and his other cousin Craig Wayans co-wrote the film with Damien, Keenen...and the rest of 'em. Talk about keeping it all in the family! That's a lot of Wayans on one screen! Them damn Wayans are something else! If they know how to get anything, it's money...oh and jobs for their family members!

Anywho, he has been in the entertainment industry for a minute now. He (and his brother Michael) had a recurring role on My Wife & Kids and later landed a job as staff writer on the series becoming at 20, the youngest staff writer on television, according to imdb.com. After the series ended, Damon went on to perform stand-up under the moniker Kyle Green (Kyle is his middle name; and Green is his grandmother's maiden name). Damon Jr. said he didn't want to use the Wayans name for fear of being judged just because he's a Wayans. Kyle Green was basically a name he used to avoid pressure and to help him get familiar with doing stand up. Now performing under his birth name, Damon says he will continue doing stand-up as well as more acting and writing. I wish him well and hope to see more of him real soon. He's a really funny dude. And he looks and sounds exactly like his father!


Photos courtesy of: F. Holder @ HM magazine


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