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T.I. shows off his swag in King magazine; voting pictures.

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T.I. is featured in a swagged-out photo spread in Smooth magazine. The rapper expounds on everything from the kind of swag he believes Barack Obama, our soon-to-be president of the United States (hey, can you blame me for being blatantly presumptuous in confidently thinking so?) should possess to his upcoming clothing line called AKOO (A King of Oneself) which he describes as 'upscale, classy American apparel' that crosses party lines to bring together Dope Boys and Democrats. Let him tell it, it's all done off the cuff. 'My music and my style both come natural. It's not in a rule book.'
T.I. ON FOLLOWING THE RULES OF FASHION: I do what feels right. If we're talking about white after Labor Day, I feel, as an older cat--or, should I say, distinguished gentleman--white pants are a no-no for me. If we talking about the ensemble I wore for the (the magazine's) photo shoot-black pants, white jacket-I can wear that year round. The '70s, the '60s and the Harlem Renaissance era inspired me. It was just clean back then. That Harlem Nights era was just real with the white sport coat and black tie, black pants, with the scarf over the overcoat.

T.I. ON HIS CLOTHING STYLE FROM BACK IN THE DAY & THE NAME BRANDS HE WORE: Polo, Jordans, Guess jeans suits, Used, Damaged, at one point. I'm not that proud of that error. I ain't do the Cross Colours. I did Tommy Hilfiger for a hot minute. One thing that I must say I grabbed from New York was the snorkels and bubble vest. I used to wear Starter suits. I went from one extreme to the next.

T.I. ON HIS NEW CLOTHING LINE AKOO: AKOO is for the guy who cares about how he looks. It's also for the cats who don't have as much swag as the next cat. Just because you ain't got no swag don't mean you have to look like it. If you buy my clothes, then the swag is on me. Furthermore, if you dress in AKOO and your girl doesn't like it, I'll replace her with a girl who does. I can't give you your money back, but I will get you a girl.'

Earlier this week, T.I. was photographed getting his pre-election vote on in Atlanta. It's a good thing seeing as though by the time Barack Obama gets himself situated in the White House, our boy T.I. will be taking up residence in the Big House.

Find out what T.I. thinks of Obama's swag and view more scans of T.I.'s photoshoot when you click on the link below.

T.I. ON THE PRESIDENT'S SWAG: For a president I don't think style is as harshly important as what you plan on doing to build or rebuild your country. How well he wears a suit is not on my list of priorities. I'm thinking about how he can affect the economy. Has he addressed the issues that are relevant to the country.
Believing that he would be unable to participate in this year's historical election, the 27-year-old budding actor made it his objective to motivate others to get involved. It was not until recently that T.I. learned, through research of his own, that he was still eligible to vote, despite his previous run-ins with the law. "It's a relief. Feels like I've taken advantage of my right to become a part of the democracy," declared the rapper Clifford Harris who stood in line for nearly 10 minutes before entering a polling center to vote for the first time in his life. "It was definitely worth standing in line and doing all the things people complain about voting. I think it's more than worth it. This what it is all about, not staying up late and waking up early to vote. Now rather than just talking about it, I'm being about it. I'm leading by example, and it makes me feel a lot better."

T.I., who already has two No. 1 hits off his new album Paper Trail (Whatever You Like and Live Your Life with Rihanna), does have several federal firearms offenses and ongoing community service endeavors, stemming from his arrest last October for trying to buy automatic weapons. But his lawyer, Steve Sadow, confirmed that he can still cast a ballot because his sentence doesn't start until late March next year. "Until he is sentenced in the federal case, he doesn't have a conviction yet," said Sadow of his 28-year-old client, whose real name is Clifford Harris. "Even though he is a convicted felon, he has a right to vote since he is not serving probation and hasn't started his prison sentence."

A spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State's office confirmed that T.I. was eligible to vote.


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DAMN Tip!! LEt me find out he starting to look more like a grown ass man to me than a little boy.

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