10/08/2008 11:20:00 PM

Lamman Rucker & Carmelo Anthony Photoshoots.

Posted by SouthernGurl

I've been sitting on these two photoshoots for months. Guess I'm getting kinda lazy, huh? Anywho, as you can very well see, the first Celebrity Black Man in the photoshoots below is none other than Lamman Rucker. Uhh, do we have to circulate a petition around the web in order to get a p-shoot of him withOUT his shirt?! I mean, really Lamman? What's the hold-up. Rick Ross takes his shirt off ALL the time...even when we don't want him too...which is ALL the time. At least give us a little something.


And here's Carmelo Anthony in a photospread for XXL magazine. Yes, sir!!

I also found some candid pics of Carmelo vacationing with his son Kiyan in Hawaii a few weeks ago. You can peep those when you click on the link below.



Mem Marie said...

Lamman's looking good and luscious as usual! I hope FAMUDiva doesn't e-beat me up for complimenting her (fantasy) man! LOL!!

Mem Marie said...

Oh I forgot MELO ain't looking half bad either. If I didn't see that picture of him with that basketball I would've forgot he was a b-ball player.

Dropping In said...


I don't know what else to say! lol! He has a head shaped like a cartoon character but his finess more than makes up for that!

BTW your site looks great! I'll definitely be coming back!

LovingLamman said...

Look at my sweetie Lamman! Southerngurl you are wrong. Lamman is as fine with his shirt on as he is with his shirt off!! Is you hating?! lol

Anonymous said...

one of these dudes in those pictures looks like he need to be doing some push-ups and scrunches (or whatever u call them)---and it ain't Lamman. Let me find out these older dudes taking better care of their bodies than these younger ones!

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