10/31/2008 09:31:00 PM

Alfonso Ribeiro's new gig? Game show host.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, best known as high brow Carlton Banks on the hit 90s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the tap-dancing kid of the Pepsi Generation, is taking on the role of host for the Game Show Network’s new series Catch 21. “I’m doing this game show because it’s really a fun game. With poker becoming very popular, I think card games are making a comeback. And this brings all of the great aspects of game shows together – multiple choice questions, cards, people having a good time. I think it’s a really fun show and people will really like it.” Created by the game show gumption of Merrill Heatter, Catch 21 pits three players in a game of cards. Each contestant is given one card and in order to up their number of cards, and thus their total, they have to answer a multiple choice question.

As for his hosting duties, Ribeiro brings a new energy, but he's not actually new to show hosting. In 1999, he hosted a show called Your Big Break. But this is his first entry in to the game show realm – and even though he's not the first, it could be considered key step for African American game show hosts. “I don’t think that has any credence on it,” Ribeiro, however, said of any sort of racial breakthrough. “That’s great, but I try to live my live outside of the color lines. I think ultimately, if it’s a step forward it’s in the fact that there isn’t a color.”

The 40-episode series airs on the network daily at 7:30p/ET. For more info, visit gsn.com.


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