9/29/2008 02:13:00 AM

Will Smith & Jamie Foxx new movie trailers.

Posted by SouthernGurl

Will Smith's movie I Am Legend had me on edge of my seat and shedding tears by the time the closing credits started rolling....yes, I was that moved by it because I didn't expect him to die in the movie. So needless to say, I was excited when I learned that the actor has signed on to resurrect his role as scientist Robert Neville in a prequel to the blockbuster movie. According to Variety, Warner Bros. the flick starts off as news about a plague-ridden virus begins to spread. Giving audience members a grasp on I Am Legend’s background, the follow-up movie is expected to answer all of the unclear questions brought up in the 2007 box office hit - which reportedly made over $536 million worldwide. While a script is currently in the works, no release date has been announced as of yet. In related news, Will has a slew of other films that he's currently working on including Seven Pounds and The Last Pharaoh. In Seven Pounds, Smith takes on the role of a depressed IRS agent who goes on a mission to help out seven strangers. The flick is expected to hit theaters this winter. Check out the trailer below.

I'm hearing that Jamie Foxx's new movie The Soloist may garner him his third Academy Award nomination and his second Academy Award win. The movie revolves around a schizophrenic (played by Foxx) who is also a homeless musician who dreams of playing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Through "chance," he meets a journalist (played by Robert Downey Jr.), who tries to help this mentally disturbed man get "back on his feet" and make his dreams come true. The two eventually forged a surprising and unbreakable friendship. It's been said that Jamie lost 30 lbs for the role. The movie trailer is below.



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