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B.C.M.'s exclusive interview with actor/model Mike Storm.

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First of all, I want to thank Mike Storm for being my first! *wink* *wink* Keep reading to see what I'm talking about. Second of all and before I post actor/singer Mike Storm's interview with BlackCelebrityMen, I want to send out my sincerest apologies to him, his manager and his die-hard fans for not posting it earlier. Between my having oral surgery, my sister's hospitalization and my real job, I just didn't have the time, patience or energy to blog about anything. So without further ado, check out Mike's exclusive interview that he granted only to BlackCelebrityMen! It's our very first! For those who want to know how I snagged this interview: One of Mike's hardcore fans, Natosha (hey, gurl!), emailed me asking me if I would do a feature on him. I did and the next thing I know Mike's manager contacted me to thank me for doing so and went on to say Mike was 'greatly appreciative for the love' shown to him on B.C.M. In return, he wanted to grant B.C.M. an exclusive interview where he would answer questions from his fans! And boy did he reveal a lot about himself!

Check them out below; and for all you fans out there I hope you get the answers you've been looking for! I know I did! He is such a sweetheart! Again, Mike I apologize. After reading your responses, I almost feel as if we spent the night together and I neglected to call you again...until now! LOL!

BlackCelebrityMen: Did you study acting or are you just one of the lucky ones who lucked up and met Tyler Perry?

Mike Storm: As far as lucking up and meeting Tyler Perry, I didn't seek him out and if people remember correctly he wasn't as widely known until the success of Madea's Family Reunion. I didn't even know who he was. My interaction came from hard work, schooling in the field, physical training, and prayer. I got a call from Tyler after co-starring in a play, I Used To Be a Church Girl with his cousin. I went to Atlanta and auditioned and the rest was history... literally. I had already done well in modeling so it wasn't like I was new to the game it's just most people don't keep up with the faces in the ads but productions like this have a way of making it into your home.

B.C.M.: I have my own collection of the Madea plays, I don't care for the movies as much, but I noticed that Tyler Perry has a knack for picking beautiful men. I don't want to be negative and add to the rumors but we want to know are you single married or what? Not that this will put all the rumors to rest but to be bold, I want to hear it from you for those of us who just assume because we were afraid to ask. I won't throw out my collection if I don't like your answer but inquiring minds wanna know!

M.S.: I'm am single...and definitely heterosexual! I love women! In this business there's definitely the opposite and in between but I can stand on one side confidently. I think women have the right to know. I know men who are openly and discreetly gay. I respect them and refuse to think I have the right to judge them because their decision does not mirror my own. I work and associate with them how I see them....as people.

B.C.M.: What type of boyfriend are you in real life? Are you like your character? What's your idea of a romantic date?

M.S.: I'm more like the character in Jason's Lyric portrayed by Allen Payne. I don't try to spit game at a lot of women. I tend to be more focused. When I'm with a woman it's the simple romanticisms of walking in the park, candlelight dinners, subtle public affections, massages, and erogenous explorations prior to carrying her to the boudoir for intense love making that drives me. Not that mack s--- that we (guys) tend to use to make us feel good about ourselves in our personal conquest but that I want her coming back s---! That makes me stroke her inner being until her physical feels me. The only thing me and my PuertaRifa character have in common is that we both are heterosexual!!


B.C.M.: Are you working on any other projects right now and if so when is the next time your fans will be able to see you?

M.S.: I have a ton of things in the works right now. I just signed with a new management firm so we are working on what they feel is best for me right now. I can tell you to look for me in the theater circuit but there are some major productions I can't mention just yet.

B.C.M.: Did you attend college or did you choose to become an actor instead? What was your other field of choice before becoming an actor?

M.S.: I've been on stage since I was eight years old. Being a medical doctor was my first choice but in college I took an interest in psychology. I am a master craftsman by trade my forte is furniture design and construction.


La-Di-Dah said...

Very handsome.Am I the only one who wonders how and why Tyler has such good taste in the leading men he cast in his movies and plays? For real, for real, I haven't seen not a ONE remotely bad looking LEADING man in any of his projects. Not one! Even David Mann looks good when he's not dressed up as Mr. Brown.

Do yall know how long that list is?

Christian Keyes, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Terrell Carter, Lamman Rucker, Lance Gross, Idris Elba, Timon Kyle, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

i didnt think that was the end...

Anonymous said...

the end of what? ^^

Anonymous said...

They just some finest black men I ever saw in my life.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn bitch!!!!!

Jackie Williams said...

Love watching medea family reunion play

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