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Darius McCrary debuts on Y&R; new Drucilla cast.

Posted by SouthernGurl

I swear I am thisclose to being officially over and through with the Young & the Restless. Once you red this post, you'll know why.

Everyone who read my post about Darius McCrary signing on to become the Young & the Restless new Malcolm Winters know I was not a happy camper upon learning the news. Truth be told, I'm still not. Well, the time has come. Darius will be making his (excuse me if there are any typos in this post...I just can't seem to stop rolling my eyes as I type this) debut as 'Malcolm Winters' on Tuesday, December 29th in what has been one of the most controversial recasts in Y&R history, for obvious reasons of course. Darius told Soap Opera Digest that this new role is 'the best job he's ever had in his career.' To that I say, 'oh, really?' He went on to say:
“I know Shemar [Moore]. I’ve given him crap before because he got to Halle Berry before me. Now I’m going to give him more crap because he got to Y&R before me. But kudos to Shemar. He is a great talent and a quite a heartthrob, so those are big shoes to fill, but I wear size 14 shoes, so I don’t have small feet.”
And I guess Darius has probably read my bitching blog post, as well as others on the net and knows fans aren't really feeling him as the new 'Malcolm' because in an interview last week with On-Air On-Soaps, he said:
"I have been doing this long enough to know a few things. Look, Shemar is a great guy and a great actor, and a beautiful human being, but he is Shemar and I am Darius. I have been [acting] since I was nine years old. So whatever the role is, I am going to do the best I can do. The only thing I am concerned with is stepping on the stage in front of that camera and giving the best performance I know I can give, day in and day out as an actor. [..] Nobody brought up Shemar and it’s cool. It has not been a thing of 'Oh, Shemar did this.' [The Y&R cast] Everybody is giving me the love and respect to allow me to do what I do as an actor, and that was one of the beautiful things about this from the beginning. When I went in I did not know what to expect. I have never read for a soap before. I am all about breaking barriers and challenging myself, that is why everything I have done on my resume is different. I have never played a cop again, and I have never played a boxer again since I played Muhammad Ali. That was a challenge, being darker than him, and the film won Best Television Movie and I was a part of that."
Man, please! Yeah, Darius better be grateful. Since Family Matters was canceled, he went from co-starring in several straight-to-dvd movies to being rumored dead to being Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans jump-off-turned-alleged abusive husband. I still find it hard to believe that he reportedly beat out 2 soap opera vets: Marcus Patrick (ex-Jamal Cudahy, All My Children; ex-Jett Carver, Days of our Lives) former Passions' cutie Charles Divins (ex-Chad Harris) for the role. I guess there's no need in crying over spilled milk, but I had to get my vent on. It's times like this I wish Shemar Moore had an identical twin brother who knows how to act. Real talk.

Yall best believe that these will be the expressions on my face while watching Tuesday's episode:


OH! And to add insult to injury, and I do mean insult, the folks over there at Y&R have recast the role of 'Drucilla Winters'--once played by the beautiful Victoria Rowell, who just several months ago was rumored to return to the role she made famous--to General Hospital's Sonya Eddy. If you have no idea what Sonya Eddy looks like, look over at the pic to your right. Don't get too excited though. It's the woman on the far right of the picture, NOT the woman on the left (who coincidentally filled in for Victoria on Y&R while she was on hiatus back in 2000. Her name is Kent Masters-King) that snagged Victoria's role. Yeah, I know. I had to do a double take too. I'm sorry but she looks like the female version of Robin Harris (may he rest in peace)! I mean that shit too! This is the woman who will portray the same character that had a child with the character that's being played by Darius McCrary?! GTFOH! Sonya looks old enough to be 'Malcolm' and 'Neil's' damn mama. So we're suppose to believe that these two people 'produced' a child that came out looking like Christel Khalil, the actress who portrays the role of 'Lily'? NO MA'AM!! They better stop playing!

Seriously, like I said before, I'm thisclose to officially being over and done with Y&R. Those white people are making it more and more obvious that they actually believe that 'we' all look a like. If they casting folks like Darius and this Sonya chick, THEY MUST be fitna re-cast 'Lily's' character too, who by the way is 6 months pregnant in real life. Congrats to her! Then the casting folks had the audacity to attempt to justify their reasons for choosing Darius, who bears no physical resemblance whatsoever to 'Malcolm' by saying that the show wanted to focus less on who was playing the role and more on getting the character back to where he was when Malcolm first debuted.

YEAH RIGHT! I'm too through. GOOD DAY YALL!

Here are several pics of Darius in his role as 'Malcolm Winters.'



KappaChino said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U sound mad as hell!

ChocolateCocaine_10 said...

SGurl yous a fool 4 this one! Too funny!

PJ said...

That CAN NOT be the lady replacing Victoria Rowell. If so this shit just ain't fair. This can not be real life. I can't even look at her with a straight face.

You said she look like Robin Harris? Don't insult that man like that! My Lordy!

SouthernGurl said...

KappaChino where have you been?! Let me find out you lost the url to this site! I don't think I have seen or heard from you since I started this blog! Thanks for stopping through! Don't be a stranger.

Oh and yes I was and still am mad as hell about this whole situation. LOL! I meant every word I said in that post.

Babycake Patty said...

that damn vivica picture has me over here hollering in laughter! :)

KappaChino said...

Hey SG! U know I had to come by and check on you. I just been mad busy lately. I went to RG101 and noticed u haven't updated ur site since forever so I came over here. This blog is beautiful ma!!!! Keep up the good work. I was late for work this morning because I was reading it.

I'll email you later.

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